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Question #89135 posted on 03/13/2017 10:36 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Garment question for you. When I was in middle school, I had a surgical procedure that to this day requires that I sometimes wear underwear that provides extra support. I love the extra support garment bottoms, but (alas!) I did not know they existed when I bought a large batch of garments both immediately before and immediately after my mission. Instead, when I needed the extra support, I'd just wear normal extra support underwear under my garments and call it good. So far, out of a mixture of being broke, limited closet space, and because disposing of garments is much harder than it should be, I have only bought a couple of extra support bottoms to replace worn out other bottoms and generally stick to the extra layer method on the days when that extra support is needed.

The other day a group of us were talking to a friend who is about to go through the temple and this came up. One of us thought that garments need to be the closest thing to your skin, no matter what, and so it would be best if I wore the extra underwear over my garments. (I've tried that; it's not ideal.) One of us things it would be fine to wear underwear under the garments as long as the underwear is white. (I don't have any white underwear, but apparently he got this idea from a site that said women could wear white panties under their garments during their periods. My wife doesn't limit herself to white underwear, though.) And then there was me, who may have been accidentally sinning for years.

It's probably a good thing that I'm not majoring in Googling, because while it seems like there is a robust discussion on whether women should wear their bras over or under their garments (and it seems like the recent advice is "it doesn't matter"), there doesn't seem to be anything about men who wear extra underwear as needed.

To your knowledge, are there any rules on garment placement in respect to other forms of underwear?

- Layered Up


Dear you,

To my knowledge, there are no rules about this. Personally, I don't see why God would be mad at you for wearing medically necessary underwear in the most effective way, but this is the kind of thing that's between you and the Lord, so I would encourage you to pray about it and not just take my word for it.


posted on 03/13/2017 6:39 p.m.
If it is helpful.... I have been trained as a temple worker to escort people who come to receive their endowment. . The training we receive is that we are not to give ANY instructions about garment wearing (over, under, layers, not, when, etc. etc.) no matter what traditions we were taught. The only instructions for temple garment wearing are the paragraphs that a matron or one of her assistant or the president or one of his counselors read to you when you meet with them when you receive your endowment.
Those same instructions can be found online on lds.org in section 21.1.42 of Handbok of Instructions, Book 2


And yes, it does include the statement: "Members who have made covenants in the temple should be guided by the Holy Spirit to answer for themselves personal questions about wearing the garment."

I hope this helps.
~ Temple Worker