"In my defense... I saw 'Bring It On'..." -Anonymous Board Writer
Question #89147 posted on 03/16/2017 11:45 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What topics would you like to hear addressed during the upcoming General Conference?

-Need some ideas soon


Dear friend,

First of all, your 'nym had me confused for a moment. The "need some ideas soon" made me wondering whether a member of the Quorum had come to the 100 Hour Board with a case of writer's block and a very serious deadline. I'm not sure if that's sacrilegious to say or not, but it made me smile. Anyways.

I agree with Sunday Night Banter below. Because of so much polarization, I think it has been hard for all of us in some ways to practice love for those who believe different things from us. It's definitely something I've struggled with, and I've felt a little guilty for that lately (so many uncles to apologize to thanks to heated election debates...). A talk on becoming more Christlike in our actions would be good.

Also, I'd appreciate a talk on developing happiness in a spiritual sense. My relationship with religion is so much healthier than it used to be, but I still have a hard time feeling happiness at church. It's important to take the gospel seriously, of course, but I miss when it used to be simple and a source of joy. That's just a personal need, though. 

-Van Goff


Dear reader,

I would love to hear about becoming a Zion society. This isn't just needed in the world, but Church members (me included) definitely need to learn to love each other more and judge each other less. How are we supposed to usher in the Second Coming when we can't even usher the Savior into our hearts?

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear person,

Good question. Let me reflect out loud for a second, metaphorically speaking.

Lately I've been feeling like I believe in a different God than all the other people at church. Or at least that I'm having a different spiritual experience than everyone else is. I feel like a lot of the things that people talk about aren't important to me, and the things that are important to me aren't often discussed in a way that I find meaningful. Then I oscillate between the thoughts of "What's wrong with me?" and "What's wrong with everyone else?"

I feel happy with my life and I don't seem to deal with adversity the same way other people at church do. I don't buy a lot of what other people say because it seems to have no doctrinal foundation. I go to church because I believe in the theology that I have studied and I believe I have an obligation to be involved with other church members, but the actual three hour block per week is feeling increasingly arduous.

It feels weird to feel so frustrated about church when I feel happy with my life and have no doctrinal/theological crises. But I used to really love going to meetings when I was in high school and was just becoming active again - it felt like I was actually learning new things, which was exciting. Now I feel like I rarely learn new things and very few people have comments that help increase my understanding or make me feel something. (Gosh, this is getting honest fast.) I'm worried that this will become worse the longer I go to church and the further along I get into my education where I am challenged every day and constantly get to talk to people about fascinating things.

So, with all of that context, here are a list of subjects I would love to hear addressed:

How can I get more out of the three hour block at church?
How can I best contribute to the classes I attend at church?
How can I best contribute to the lives of the people I see at church?
How can I be more humble?
How can I judge other people less?
How can I see the best in other people?
How can I value the contributions of others more?
How do I stay growth-oriented when I fear that continuing to grow may isolate me from others?
How can I just be actually genuinely nice and love people for who they are when I would rather look down on them?

-Sheebs, who is partly a terrible person