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Question #89148 posted on 03/14/2017 10:24 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Can you afford it? Does it matter?

-Now or Never


Dear you,

Usually not. According to my actions, also no.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave 


Dear you,

Could I have afforded a visit to the Bolivian Chaco to see jaguars, pumas, giant anteaters and tapirs? I thought not, but really it was within the realm of possibility, with a little sacrifice. Did I take the chance? No. Does it matter? I hope not. I keep telling myself I will return in the future to see this heretofore unspoilt place and see cool cats in one of the best jaguar spotting areas of the world, but will I really? Will there even be any left (thanks for nothing, Paraguayan poachers)? Are there bigger things in life to worry about? Yes. Did I miss a good chance? Yes. I sincerely hope that my failure to act three days ago does not turn into a "never" devoid of achievement and full of regret. 


--Ardilla Feroz, who is not in Parque Nacional Kaa-Iya


Dear Unfortunately Accurate,

No. If I could, then I'd be spending this summer in Jerusalem (or at least someplace super cool) instead of here in Provo. However, if I had signed up to go to BYU Jerusalem, then I would miss Alta's wedding, so at least there's a bright side. 

Unfortunately, this summer really is (or was, I guess) my last chance to do a study abroad, since next summer I'll need to get an internship, and then by the subsequent summer I'll have graduated (if all goes according to plan, that is).

But hey, my major promises big salaries, so hypothetically I'll have the money to go on awesome trips (if not BYU Jerusalem) in a couple of years.



Dear reader,

According to my budget, no. According to my plans, yes. Where's the tiebreaker!!?

-Sunday Night Banter