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Question #89197 posted on 03/28/2017 6:47 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

My dream/goal is to have all the Mr. Rogers episodes or a good portion of them at least on DVD. On Amazon they're $29 dollars for just SIX episodes. Way too expensive! Where can I get them cheaper. I want a DVD, not to download it on my computer etc. (on AmazonVideo I think you can get around 15 episodes for $23 but not in DVD form).


-Mr. Rogers wouldn't want his stuff inaccessible :(


Dear Neighbor,

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any other options. Buying the episodes on iTunes is a lot cheaper, but generally you can't burn iTunes movies onto a DVD. 

Actually, scratch that: follow this Amazon link. For some reason, it looks like you can get the same six episodes for $10 instead of $30. Why is this? I have no idea, but it looks valid.

That seems to be the least expensive legal method of obtaining full episodes of Mr. Rogers on DVD. I could think of a couple of other ways to get them, but they would involve infringing on copyright agreements, and Mr. Rogers wouldn't want us to do that, either.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood,

-Frère Rubik