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Question #89205 posted on 03/24/2017 2:36 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So there's this guy that I really like and I'm kind of getting mixed signals from him? We hang out practically everyday and we text and talk. He even does the playfully pushing thing that guys do and other things that I would say are flirtatious. My only problem is that he is very, very extroverted. He loves to go on dates, but hasn't asked me out. He keeps asking me about other girls... Am I in the friend zone?

-Hopelessly Devoted


Dear reader,

Our advice regarding these types of situations is usually to either 1) talk to him about it or 2) ask him out on a date. We aren't psychic, but we do hope the best for you and your dating adventures!

-Sunday Night Banter


Dearly Devoted,

I would say just ask him out. One date isn't a commitment and it would be an easy way to see if he's interested. If he asks you on a followup date then you know.