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Question #89246 posted on 03/28/2017 10:51 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

When was the last time you purchased a music CD? What was it? Where did you purchase it?

-Old School


Dear No School Like It,

I've purchased a couple of physical CD's since coming back from the mish; both have been by the Lower Lights. Both times, I ordered the CD from their website and selected the option for receiving a digital download as well as a physical CD. Why do I do this? Well, for one, I want to support the Lower Lights, because they're great, but it's also because the Rubikmobile has a sound system that's too new to have a cassette deck (which I could get a tape-to-AUX converter for) but too old to have an AUX cord. My two options for listening to my own music, then, are to either use CD's or an FM transmitter, and FM transmitters are whack, yo. 

(Okay, so they're not that whack, but I still like using the physical CD better.)

Funnily enough, I'm purchasing more CD's now than I believe I ever have in my life; I wasn't a huge music buff growing up, and all of the music I did own was given to me by other people. It's like I'm the Benjamin Button of audio formats.

-Frère Rubik 

P.S. When I first typed that I've purchased "a couple of physical CD's" I accidentally missed a key and wrote that I've purchased "a coupe of physical CD's." I don't know how many CD's fit inside of a coupe, but it is probably more than two.


Dear you,

The last CD I bought for myself was Hamilton (two CD's actually). I got it from Amazon. It was definitely worth the purchase—I'm a bit obsessed.

CD's are a bit old school, but they're still the best way to get lossless audio. I have Spotify and Amazon Prime Music, which are both great, but they only stream in compressed formats. Pretty much any digital music you get online is in a lossy compression format (MP3, etc.), meaning you lose data. For music I really care about, I get the CD and rip it in a lossless format. The files are at least 3 times bigger, but I've got space. It's a subtle difference, but I've invested in some pretty nice headphones, so it starts to make a difference.



Dear Archaic,

The last CD I purchased (and the only CD I've ever purchased) was Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson. I think I was either a freshman or sophomore in high school. Possibly I was even still in middle school. Considering this purchase occurred many years ago, I can't remember where I got it from. I know it was from a physical store and not online, but that's about as much information as I remember.



Dear Vintage,

MIKA's Life in Cartoon Motion. 2007-ish. I think my parents illegally burned it, though, so we didn't necessarily buy it... please don't send me to internet prison.

It was worth it, though. I still listen to that album sometimes (though not on CD) because MIKA is awesome and so underappreciated. Around that time, my parents bought mp3 players and such, and we stopped using CDs, but I will always remember going on Sunday car rides and listening to "Lollipop." Such a good album.

-Van Goff


Dear Ol' College Try,

The last CD that I obtained was for free, but it was because I bothered the Strike over Twitter about their new album so much that they gave it to me for free. They left it in the mailbox of the saxophone player for me to pick up. So it was their new album Faint of Heart.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave