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Question #89257 posted on 03/31/2017 7:26 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Why am I always so sleepy on Sundays, even if I've gotten good sleep? Is it the tights? It's what seems most likely to me, I can be drowsing off in church but once I come home and change into regular pants I'm no longer super drowsy, but if I leave my skirt and tights on I'm likely to fall asleep on the couch for a while. Is there anything to this? Do you have any other explanations?

Thanks in advance for your answers and speculation.

-The Questioness, who changed into church clothes and then slept through church... whoops....


Dear graph paper,

I don't wear tights, and I am sleepy on Sundays as well.

Without knowing your personal habits, I would speculate that you probably stay up later on Saturdays than you do other days, so you are more tired Sunday morning and therefore in church (especially if your church is at an earlier hour). Church is a place where I fall asleep because in addition to being tired, I usually feel safe (no one usually kills you at church) and I sometimes find it boring. Maybe it is different for you.

As far as returning home and switching your apparel, when you change into regular clothes you are probably energetic enough to do so; when you don't change perhaps it is an indication you are too tired to care. 


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear ess,

Yeah, Ardilla's pretty much got it, and here's some más:

-It is and it isn't the tights because they're closing off your legs, with tighter compression than regular pants. Certain parts especially, but also just the bottom half of you in general does a great job of getting things out of you that you don't need. (*pause to think about how legit that sentence is*)  You're more likely to be sleepy when those parts are compressed because the body can't do its thing and air itself out, so it gets sleepy because sleep is another great way to process unnecessary things. 

-It probably has A LOT to do with how calm everybody is supposed to be in church. I mean. We don't do much but sit and listen and occasionally talk and sing. and even our exciting songs are not that exciting because our hymns have grown boring and we need some black spirituals up in here

-You gotta bring all the snacks. (Plus, good practice for being a mom*)

-In general it's just about allocation of resources. Regardless of how tired you aren't, our church is long and culturally super white and so it is easily boring.

Take care,

-Auto Surf

*There should be a quote there that is relevant, but depending on when this posts it might not have been processed yet.