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Question #89262 posted on 03/31/2017 6:20 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

My friend thinks that the Holy Ghost isn't just one person, but more of a group of people. Like maybe our ancestors act as our personal Holy Ghost. He says that it makes sense because Satan uses his minions to influence us, and if he's copying God's pattern, maybe God is using His diciples to influence us for good acting as the Holy Ghost. He says that he thinks that the Holy Ghost and the ministering of angels are either the same thing or closely related. Nothing in actual church doctrine points to them being the same thing. I've only read/heard stuff that indicates that the Holy Ghost is one spirit person and that he's male, and (although I can't remember where) that once he is done being the Holy Ghost, he'll get a body for a brief period of time. If "the Holy Ghost" is actually a group of people instead of just one person, I don't think it would necessarily be a bad thing. But it seems like it would be weird/duplicitous for the church to represent the Holy Ghost as being a single person when really it's not; I don't see the need for representing it as something other than it is. So if it's not really one person, it seems almost deceitful to me.

Do you have any insights or specific doctrine on this?



Dear you,

Angels help us all the time. But they can't read our thoughts. The Holy Ghost does a lot of stuff that no number of helpful angels could ever do.

The Holy Ghost is a God. He has the power to read our thoughts and the ability to be everywhere at once (since He's a spirit). That's why He's such an important member of the Godhead. And since He's a member of the Godhead, He's perfectly good and we don't have to worry about what He's doing in our heads.



Dear ahhh me,

I heard once that it was more of a calling than a person. I guess that's a super folkloric/sketchy intro to that thought, but it seems alright with me. 

I mean, wouldn't it make sense if these callings we had on earth were only in similitude to and preparation for the eternities? 

Not saying just saying,

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