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Question #89273 posted on 04/02/2017 8:13 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are your MBTI results?

- The Ever Curious ENTP


Dear Enormous Nacho-Tossing Penguin,

Looks like this time I'm an HIJKLMNOP.

-Frère Been There, Done That


Dear person,

My MBTI results were ENFP this time. Usually it's ENFJ. I marked a lot of neutral answers so it's probably not a very good result, not that the MBTI does much more than produce a horoscope (not that I really love psychometrically sound personality tests either, they are excessively reductionistic for my taste).

-Sheebs, always a little raincloud


Dear Sheebs, 

The earth needs rain to grow. I appreciate you being always a little raincloud, especially when I've been in times of drought. 


-Auto Surf takes little comments too seriously and that's okay




Dear ENTP,

I've actually taken this one a few times in my life. First time, when I was around thirteen, I got ENFP. Then in high school, INFP. Finally, as a college student, INFJ. On the test you linked to, I got INFP-T, though... and admittedly, the description does seem pretty accurate. Especially the "T" bit (...95% turbulent, though, that's problematic).

Conclusion: maybe I just have a lot of feelings. Maybe people's personalities change over time. Maybe it's just a fun test. I don't make the personality tests, I just take them and overanalyze the results.

-Van Goff

Dear Sheebs,

At least with this horoscope, I can relate to one more than the others.

Dear Van Goff,

I'm pretty sure the people that developed the MBTI system were under the impression that it could change over time. I mentioned how mine has the last time this question was asked (see Frère Rubik's answer).


INTJ. For future reference, it's probably a good idea to take any dating advice from me with a grain of salt, since one of the weaknesses of that type is "clueless in romance," and boy, is that true.

-The Entomophagist


Dear ENTP,

I'm an ENFP-A. Nobody else seems to be including a letter after a dash in their descriptions, but that's what the test is telling me, and who am I to disagree? (she said un-assertively) (it's funny because the A stands for assertive). I think previously I've gotten ENFJ, but even this time I was only 4% more prospecting than judging, so it's a pretty close call.



Dear ENTP,

I got INFJ-T (and unlike Alta, I shall assertively leave that '-T' without feeling a need for explanation) (it's funny because I'm the non-assertive one). I remember taking this same test at some point in the past, and got the same result then. It's actually incredibly accurate for me.