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Question #89285 posted on 04/03/2017 6:20 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do you think it's weird for non-students in their late twenties to live in BYU off-campus housing? When I was under 23 I thought anyone living in student housing who was over 27 was super weird and they should have moved on already. But now, even though I'm close to 27, I still really enjoy living in student housing. It's cheap and I don't mind dating and being friends with people who are several years younger than me. But I worry if I keep living in BYU housing that I'll get the label as the weird old person who is stuck in the past. Is it better or worse that I'm an older girl rather than a guy?

-Young at heart


Dear you,

So this is just an aside to your question more than a real answer, but I just got a job working in the office of a BYU off-campus housing complex and one of the first things I learned is that for BYU off-campus student housing you have to be a student to live there. So a lot of those older people you've seen are probably working on a graduate or post-graduate degree to maintain that student status (you don't have to be a BYU student necessarily, just a student). The only other option to maintain that status is to have an attendance record of at least 75% at institute. If you're not meeting that requirement then you won't actually be allowed to live in student housing.

More directly related to your question, I never thought it was weird in any of my YSA wards when there were older people in the ward. I just assumed they had taken longer to graduate for whatever reason (maybe they switched majors a couple times or they started university after their mission when they were already 20/21, etc.) or that they were doing a graduate degree. So if that's you're case, I don't think you have to worry too much about negative labels. Like, yeah some people might think it's weird that your 27 and still in the YSA, but honestly those people will probably be in the minority.

Hope this is helpful.

~Dr. Occam


Dear Neil Young At Heart,

Half of my roommates are in their late 20's and graduated, and it doesn't feel weird at all. They fit into the ward, and honestly if I didn't know better I would just assume that they were still in school. If anything, I'd worry about them feeling weird, so it's cool to hear that you don't find it terribly awkward.

Granted, there are other people in my ward that are older that definitely seem more awkward/stuck, which is unfortunate. But that has more to do with their personality and less to do with their situation. You can be a cool "old" person for sure, and it sounds like you already are.

-Frère Rubik