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Question #89287 posted on 04/04/2017 2:02 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Did you pick this week to be a week where all of you decided to forgo homework and other obligations and work full time for the board? Are you guys getting paid now? Why so much goodness?

-Content Overload


Dear person,

Giving positive reinforcement at variable, infrequent intervals keeps our readers coming back.



Dear Overload Overlord,

No. In fact, I've had three midterms in my three hardest classes in the space of the past 7 days from when this question was asked, have been coordinating with professors to organize a new club within my major, got really sick (and so wrote my answer to this question while curled up in misery on my couch), attended a service activity for my relief society along with watching the Women's session of Conference, had to do laundry and grocery shopping, helped write an answer key to midterm, graded lots of homework, signed up for classes, which was all coupled with my regular load of organizing three study groups a week, a ton of homework,  and trying to get things done in time to go to my grandma's birthday party Friday evening (which I felt obligated to attend since some of my cousins are coming from far away, as in different countries far away). To give you a kind of idea of what my regular homework is like, it can take a group of four of us all working on the same problem almost an hour to figure out part "a" of the first question (with 4-5 questions total). And I have three of these homework assignments due a week for just one class. 

However, this wasn't even my busiest or even most stressful week of the semester. I'm near to this level of busy-ness pretty much every week. So, if you really do appreciate the time and effort I choose to put into the Board anyways, you should upvote this answer ;). Or better yet, send me an email too ;) ;).



Dear haha,




This is what some would call the manic phase of a bipolar episode.

AKA: Don't worry, the Board will go back to it's overwhelmed, depressed lullwhere we literally only crank out the minimum we're required to, and sometimes not even thatsoon. 


But hey, if anyone would like to start paying us for this good stuff we've been doing, maybe we wouldn't have to be so all-over-the-place.

Not saying, just saying. Don't go crazy guys. 


-Auto Surf doesn't project unless it's pertinent


Dear friend,

Every week is "forego homework and important obligations week" here at the Van Goff household of one. Ask my professors. They won't even have to say a word. Their disappointed gaze will tell you everything.

It's just that I usually spend that time baking cookies and being sad rather than Board writing. You have to have hobbies in life, you know.

-Van Goff



...Was it really that easy to tell the difference from week to week? 

I mean, I could see how the overdues were stacking up (*coughcoughitwasovertwothirdsoftheentireinboxcoughcough*), but my only consolation was that you guys, the readers, would probably see that one or two of your answers was overdue, but probably wouldn't notice the overall slowdown.

Darn it. 

Well, at least we're doing better now, right?

-Frère Rubik


Dear Content Overload.

Ha! If there's anything I'm forgoing homework and normal social interactions for, it's The Legend of Zelda. I've been catching up on writing answers to Board questions during my time on campus when I'm forcing myself to not be at home playing games.

-The Entomophagist