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Question #89298 posted on 04/04/2017 11:26 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How can I find out where I fall on the hot-crazy scale?


Dear person,

Honestly, I think you should be disgusted by the hot-crazy scale and disregard the opinion of anyone who thinks it is funny or even slightly true. 

That meme is stupid. And not funny. First, imagine if we did this the other way around: omgosh where does this boy fit on the hot-rich scale lolz because i can basicly reduce all of them to those two qualities LOL because i'm so shallow and obviously they aren't complex beings with actual thoughts and feelings. Second, there is a deep and old sexist notion behind the hot-crazy scale meme that has been the source of so much injustice in the world that it should make everyone sick, and it goes like this: women are more crazy than men amirite because they are hysterical because they have progesterone and uteruses LOL uterus. 

It offends me that there are men who even jokingly talk about women like this. And if there are any men out there who think I'm upset about this because I either (a) take "jokes" too seriously or (b) must be bitter because I'm either really ugly or crazy (or both), then you are not a good guy.



Dear you,

As a guy, I just want to second what Sheebs said above and express my disapproval of the meme as well. It's so awful and it does no good for women or men. I'll leave it there because I think Sheebs already expressed fantastically what's wrong with the meme and the patterns of thought behind it and did so far better than I could.

~Dr. Occam