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Question #89306 posted on 04/06/2017 11:22 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do dogs have love languages and how do I tell what it is



Dear gua gua,

No, because dogs are love in the purest form and don't need to be diluted with languages. 

Which is to say: Maybe?



Dear person,

As a matter of fact, yes. Yes they do. I've listed them below. Don't worry too hard about figuring out which one it is, your dog will let you know by how excited they get and how much they jump around whenever you do it. They are not subtle creatures. Not like cats. It is much more difficult to tell the love language of a cat. Anyways, without further ado...

Love Language #1: Being Told They are a Good Dog

This love language is roughly equivalent to the human love language Words of Affirmation. Some dogs, like this one, want nothing more than for you to know and tell them that they are a good dog. For some dogs, being told that they are a good dog is like telling a human that they are the most amazing, brilliant, lovable, kind, attractive, funniest, and interesting person ever.

Love Language #2: Play

This love language is similar to Quality Time. Dogs whose love language is play could go on walks or play tug of war or fetch for hours and they just love it! And they love you for doing these things with them! But mostly they just love doing the same activity over and over but that's okay because they are adorable and lovable anyways.

Love Language #3: Receiving Food 

This love language is like Receiving Gifts, only the only gifts dog care about is food. That's why it's called Receiving Food instead. For the record, this is actually the love language of many humans as well. 

Love Language #4: Doing Acts of Service

This dog love language is similar to the human love language Acts of Service but it is different because instead of feeling love by having service done for them, they feel love by doing service for you! All some dogs want to do is please their owner by doing dog jobs, like barking for hours at scary neighbours to protect their pack of humans. That dedication is pure love right there.

Love Language #5: Touch

Touch is also a dog love language. This kind of doggo likes pets and boops! Lots and lots of pets and boops.