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Question #89311 posted on 04/07/2017 5:14 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

After seeing a lot of good "feminism" pins, I want to create a board to put them on. I have nothing against the word feminism. However, I know that some people have a strong negative reaction to the word. What are your suggestions for a Pinterest board title, for those types of pins that won't instantly cause strong negative reactions from people?

I know there are secret boards, while that is an option, I would like to have a board to publicly post these too that won't instantly cause a strong negative reaction. And while I wouldn't worry about what most people think, but I don't want potential employers to Google my name and no longer consider me for a position just because they see that I have a Pinterest board titled "Feminism"


P.S. I'm currently grateful I have the Grammarly Chrome extension, otherwise I would have misspelled feminism about 4 times in this question.


Dear you,

Frankly, I think it's highly unlikely that you would be denied a job because you had a Pinterest board labeled "feminism." Yes, feminism is controversial in some circles, but it's not nearly as maligned in the secular world as it is in Mormon culture.

You could use "Sisterhood," "Equality," or even just "Good Quotes." But seriously, I wouldn't worry about labeling your board "Feminism."

If an employer really is going to dive that deeply into your social media accounts, see a board labeled "feminism," and reject you based on that, I frankly don't think that's an employer that would be pleasant to work for.