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Question #89343 posted on 04/20/2017 12:08 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Which metropolitan areas in Texas have more single LDS guys than single LDS gals? Specifically, the late 20's to mid 30's age range.



Dear Elizabeth:

I decided to do some analytics with public Facebook groups for Mid-Singles in Texas.

I put on an Alternative Hits from 2013 playlist on iTunes, copied a few hundred names from the Austin group to get a decent sized sample, and assigned their gender. I was genuinely shocked at the results:

Female: 127
Male: 127

That's right, at my arbitrary cutoff point, the gender ratio was exactly equal.

I selected a smaller sample from Houston, and got 22 women to 18 men. In Dallas, it was 20 women to 20 men. 

My data does not account for those who are in relationships, inactive LDS, or in the older half of the age range. Still, I was surprised that my convenience sample brought up almost perfect gender parity.

---Portia is listening to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" right now, and hopes you Texans can too in above-board ways

posted on 04/20/2017 12:26 p.m.
I live in Texas and can speak for Houston. There are actually more single YSA guys here than gals. Most of the guys tend to have moved here from BYU or elsewhere for school or professional reasons. Some of the girls are also here for school/professional reasons, but are more likely to be local from Texas. The YSA men from Texas seem to mostly leave Houston for education/opportunities elsewhere.

In the main singles ward in Houston, we have about 1.5 guys for every girl. (Note: more of the girls tend to be in relationships than the guys.)