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Question #89359 posted on 04/20/2017 12:06 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

This coming fall, I'd like to visit some of the Mormon historic sites back east. I'd like to visit Kirtland, Palmyra/Fayette, Sharon, and Harmony. What airports would be best to use? Are there non-Mormon sites I owe myself to see while in the region?

My thought was to fly into Cleveland, visit Kirtland, Niagra Falls, the Palmyra area, Seneca Falls, Sharon, Harmony, and fly home from Philadelphia or Boston. I'm open to suggestions, however. Do you have any recommendations? (I've been to NYC a million times, so it's not high on my priority list, but I'm not opposed to using an airport there.)

-My Name Here


Dear your name,

So, here are some of my thoughts on Mormon historic sites back east! I'm from "back east", so I'm familiar with all the sites. I'm not very sure how long you're planning on spending on this trip, but I have a couple different ideas for you. In my opinion, all the best sights in church history back east are in Illinois and Missouri. I really love Nauvoo and all the surrounding sites there. Nearby is Carthage Jail, which is definitely worth visiting. Adam-Ondi-Ahman, Far West, and Independence are all in Missouri, and they're great to visit as well. So I've got a couple of different ideas for you, based on where you want to spend your time.

Also, I'm assuming you're planning on renting a car? That's probably your best bet, unless you have friend who's going to pick you up at the airport. But here are my ideas!

 - The Whole Trip

In this case, I'm assuming that you have a fair amount of time for the trip. I'd recommend flying into Kansas City, and then visiting the Missouri sites, the Illinois sites, Chicago, Kirtland, Palmyra, Seneca Falls, Sharon, and Harmony. I'd then fly out of Boston. On this trip you'd have lots of options of places to visit, like Chicago, Niagara Falls, etc.

 - The Midwest Trip

In this case, I'm assuming you totally drop your plans for the eastern sights and only visit the Midwest. In this case, I'd fly into O'Hare in Chicago, and fly out of Kansas City. The sights I'd visit would be Carthage, Nauvoo, Far West, Independence, and Adam-Ondi-Ahman. I'd also spend some time in Chicago, cause Chicago is great!

 - The East Trip

In this case, I'm pretty much going with exactly what you said, which is flying out of Cleveland, visiting all the sights to the east, and then flying out of Boston. I think that would work well!

I'd recommend Chicago in any version of this trip that puts you in Chicago. Niagara Falls is definitely cool. Arcadia National Park in Maine would be really cool if you wanted to make the journey all the way up there. I also think Boston would be fun, but I really just enjoy visiting cities. St. Louis is fun, and if you go, you can visit the City Museum that I mentioned in a previous question. I'm not sure all exactly what you're interested in, but those are some of my ideas.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave 

posted on 04/21/2017 10:29 p.m.
I made the East trip last June for 7 days. I HIGHLY recommend it! We Flew in and out of Cleveland, rented a car and drove to Kirtland, Niagara Falls, Palmyra, then down to Harmony Pennsylvania, then Gettysburg, and DC. Highly recommended places in addition to the normal church history sites: Priesthood Restoration Site, Pittsford, NY, Gettysburg, PA, Arlington National Cemetery and the American History Smithsonian. It was fantastic and so fun. Email for more info: pirwin77 at gmail dot com