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Question #89383 posted on 04/21/2017 10:44 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I want to take RecM 223 R (Rock climbing) in the summer, solely because I had a great experience with indoor climbing once, and want to learn more climbing skills. i've noticed that no one is enrolled in the class currently, so I assume it's not a popular class. I wanted to get others opinions because I don't know much about it. Where is the class held? (On My Map, it says TNRB, which doesn't make much sense to me). Does the teacher allow students to free climb, aside from instruction? What kind of homework is given? Any other basic information I should know would be great too.

-Future Climber


Hi Future Climber,

I both took rock climbing and TA'd for the class (11 years ago...) so here's what I remember.  There is a wait list you have to sign with the Rec Management department, I'm not sure if they will let you call or if you have to physically sign it and I'm also not sure how soon that list is available to sign but I know it fills up quickly.  The first day of class everyone shows up and they go down the list in order until they fill up the spots.  Much weeping ensues because more are turned away than get in.  You meet at the Tanner Building for the first class or two and learn things like safety and knot tying.  Other days you'll meet at a gym (Hansen Mountaineering when I was there) or at Rock Canyon or American Fork Canyon.  My teacher didn't allow for bouldering, just top-rope.  Homework was usually a worksheet about safety or a few paragraphs on a climbing related topic.  Super easy stuff, but you're in college so try to write with some kind of intelligence, it's appreciated.

- steen


Dear look his name his Buddy!,

I made a call and found out the following:

  • It's not a "majors only" class so you're good to go
  • They make you sign a separate waitlist (as steen indicates above) 
  • You can sign said waitlist by going to room W419 (on the West end of the Tanner)
  • But I f you live far away (like I do) you might be able to do it remotely by contacting the RecM Undergraduate Program Office at rmylsec@byu.edu, or by calling 801-422-3163. But if you don't live far away just go to the place. 

Take luck!