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Question #89404 posted on 04/21/2017 1:08 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is it just me, or is Studio C not as funny as it used to be?

-Scott Sterling


Dear Scott,

I'm going to burst your bubble, but I haven't found Studio C to be funny.................................................................ever.

Don't get me wrong, they have a few good skits, but mostly I just think they are boring and they appear to try too hard to be funny. I know I'm being overly critical, but you asked!

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear SS,

I haven't enjoyed the last season as much as I have other seasons. However, they recently announced that Tori from Divine Comedy is joining the Studio C cast, which I'm super excited about. She was SO good in Divine Comedy. I think she will be important in bringing something new to revitalize the show.



Dear Scotty,

It depends. Until recently I felt like Studio C was actually in a bit of an upswing. I felt like their first stuff was funny, then it got derivative for a bit, and then it started getting funny again. Not every sketch is a winner, and I can't claim to have watched very many recently, but I made this list of sketches I really liked from the past year:

A Rude Awakening

The Great Train Robbery

Epic Photoshoot with Top Model Lucky Blue

Grandpa Finds Hidden Treasure

A Stairway Chase

The Great British Bake Off: Tarts

Harry Potter and the Mirror of Erised

Blood Donor Saves Little Girl

A Creepy Ghost Writer

Jeremy Isn't Real

Jason Bourne Resurfaces in 2016

They're All Dead?!

Watch This! Ultimate Skate Park Disaster with Shonduras

Get Up and Walk Out of Here

The Smiths 2: The Brothers' Revenge

Some notes on this list:

-I chose these fifteen sketches out of approximately 110 videos from the past year on the Studio C YouTube, and I was being pretty liberal with what made my cut. This resulted in about a 14% approval rating from me, which admittedly isn't the best. I could make the point that I haven't watched the vast majority of those other videos, but the counterpoint to that is that I've basically watched all of the ones that I thought looked interesting. So, yeah, not great.

-There are only two sketches in this list ("Jeremy Isn't Real" and "They're All Dead?!") that actually were filmed on the regular set in Studio C; the rest are pre-filmed pieces that are filmed off-set. Now, there were also a lot of other pre-filmed pieces that didn't make my cut, but if people feel similarly to the way I do, that might mean that the cast is getting a little constrained by the studio sketches but still have lots of good ideas for off-set. Maybe they should change the way they budget a bit to make room for more pre-filmed pieces?

In general, I have a lot of faith in the Studio C cast. After all, they are the minds that brought us The Little Mia Maid (watch it here and here) and Phantom of the Awkward, which may very well be the funniest Divine Comedy production ever made (seriously, go watch both of those shows. Your finals can wait). It's not that they're not funny people, they're just experiencing some growing pains: at DC, they were free to mine all sorts of BYU subcultures and stereotypes for jokes, which they did marvelously. Moving to Studio C brought in an entirely new demographic and largely deprived them of their old sources for material. Some things just don't translate well when taken out of the context of this wonderfully weird and awkward university bubble we all live in.

But, I have hope for the future. The videos in my list were pretty evenly spaced, meaning I didn't see any huge gaps in creativity. I'm also very excited that they added Tori as a full-time cast member for next season, not just because Tori is wonderful (she is), but also because a new member means new insights and new ideas and new places to go. 

And that's all I have to say about that.

TL;DR - Watch "A Rude Awakening," "Harry Potter and the Mirror of Erised," and "Jason Bourne Resurfaces in 2016," linked to above, and cross your fingers for next season when they bring in Tori.

-Frère Rubik