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Question #89435 posted on 04/27/2017 1:10 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Board babies?

-It is Alumni Week after all


Dear why yes indeed,

Twist (formerly Kid Insomniac) is two and a half years old, which is nuts. He's super articulate and a polite, funny, wild kiddo.

Here he is climbing a ladder as Buzz Lightyear:


Driving a school bus (his wildest dreams come true thanks to the Magic School Bus):


Dead asleep on the chair:


Driving up our phone bills with incessant calls to his buddies:



And Seafarer is now 7 months old! He's mastered sitting up and smiling and is currently working on becoming a science activist:


...and a Champion of the Pokémon League!



Basically he's adorable and smiley and the most well-mannered baby you'll ever meet.



Thanks for asking! I love to share.

-Inverse Insomniac



So as not to overwhelm everyone with a cuteness overload, I'll restrain myself to showing just one picture:


-Humble Master

P.S. Okay, and one video of my 2- and 4-year-olds reacting to the new Star Wars trailer.


Hello Kitty,

It's me, M.O.D.A.Q.! You may be surprised to learn that yes, in fact, I had a kid.

A kidney stone. My first!

I know it's probably bad form to say that your children were accidents but this one definitely was a surprise. I fell into a lot of pain one day a few weeks ago and called a friend to take me to urgent care. They suspected it was a stone and tried to X-Ray me but I ended up throwing up from the pain and almost passing out. They gave me some drugs and my friend then took me to the ER. After several hours of waiting and an ultrasound (in which I asked the tech, "Boy or girl?") the doctor told me it was a big 'un. I went home with more drugs and passed the rock the next day. To anticipate your big questions: Is is a boy? Is it a girl? Is it gender non-conforming? I don't know! Name? Maximus. Picture? Well here you go:

For some reason my phone doesn't do a good job taking pictures of objects this size

On a more serious note, I am currently expecting my ninth nephew! I still have no nieces.



Dear listener, 

Here's Cadet Keen in her Easter dress, hopefully rotated in the correct orientation 


Here's the Cadet when she sliced her finger open pretty deep on a green bean can and handled the ER like a champ. She was happy as long as I held the gauze on for her


Lastly, here she is playing with Canine Keen in the backyard on a perfect Spring evening 



We've decided that we're going to keep her. 

- Commander Keen 


Dear after all that we've been through,

Baby's first bath!


He's had an eventful year. He particularly did not enjoy our cross-country road trip. He expressed his displeasure by mauling several paper cups (every time I gave him water, really). I think he ultimately approved of the move though because we now live in a suitably humid climate. He remains the perfect, cuddly child, although he hasn't learned to sleep through the night yet and never will due to being nocturnal. He only poops and eats once per week and never makes noise other than that time he was having a real party tapping his temperature probe against the side of the cage while my husband and I were trying to sleep.



Hi there,

Mrs. The Skipper and I just got to bring Baby The Skipper home from the hospital about a week ago after a short stay in the NICU (most expensive babysitters ever, but as qualified as they come). We think she is just the cutest! However, because of technical difficulties and an overabundance of digital caution you are just going to have to take my word for it.


The Skipper


Dear Susan,

I have one of these! Actually, last alumni week I had just found out that I was pregnant with this little guy. Seriously, his daddy and I think he's the cutest! We were blessed in that he never had that alien look to him even as a newborn. (Disclaimer: several of these pictures are sideways  I have no computer for the next little while, thus no way to fix them.)


After a pretty exciting labor and delivery at a pace that was nearly unheard of, our Little Puff was born about two weeks early, much to my relief. We actually went home after only about 12 hours at the hospital; I'm thinking that next baby I'm going to stay at least overnight, though, because that was hard. 

Here is Little Puff in his coat at three weeks:


This is him in his cute little blessing suit at nearly 2 months:


And here he is posing for the cover of a harlequin romance novel (never mind the spitup all over his pants):IMG_4048.JPG

And, finally, here's Little Puff after getting his 4-month shots. 



I love this little guy more than I thought possible!



Dear It ~

Um, yes please. Except they're not babies anymore. But I'll take any opportunity to show off a little.



~ Dragon Lady (and Yellow)


Dear it's what now?

From left to right, Baby Trending, Baby Pending and Baby Ascending. All old enough to take offense at being called babies.


And for fun, here's a picture of an impromptu bring your daughters to work day I did last week. This is Babies Pending and Trending helping me look at parasite-infected neutrophils under a microscope (they actually did a pretty good job counting them). Shamelessly pushing them toward science/biology!


- Rating Pending (who is willing to let any of the kids swap out their pseudonyms if they come up with something else that is thematically appropriate and works. Baby Pretending, Baby Attending (like if they become a doctor?) etc. Baby Ending might get vetoed however as there's a number of strong, negative implications there.)


Dear It is,

Mavenboy & Mavengirl all dressed up for Easter:


And, coming this fall, Mavenbaby #3! No pictures yet. You'll have to ask again next year.



Hello Alumni Week.

You want a baby? Well, okay.

--High Quality



Dear all,

Look who joined us last month!


 2017-04-10 12.57.10.jpg

Boy-ahrairah was due a week or so ago, but he actually came a month early; I guess he didn't want to risk missing Alumni Week!

-Owlet & El-ahrairah


Dear baby hunger,

Here are G.I.R.L and Boy-o. They are pals.


G.I.R.L. is three and a half. She loves Daniel Tiger, swings, and going to the grocery store. She does not like spontaneous speech, which is why she's in speech therapy. It is fun times trying to get her to tell us why she's upset.


Boy-o is coming up on being 7 months old. He has two little teeth and is crawling up a storm. He enjoys spitting up on people, the carpet, and everything we own. 

photo 1.JPG

Mostly they are good kids, and we like them, but sweet jeepery Moses are we tired.

-Genuine Article 


Dear it is indeed,

I give you my three dudes at NHMU dino fest.  They are now 7, 2, and 6.


- steen


Dear babies,


You thought they would look like muppets with big fiery eyes, didn't you?

With love,

Waldorf and Sauron 


Dear reader,


Here's Girl with a Mustache last summer (3 yrs old):



And, introducing Boy with a Mustache (9 months old):



They are great and I like them. Here's another picture.



-The Man with a Mustache


Dear you,

Dr. Occam and I are still current writers, but here's Baby Z: