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Question #89442 posted on 04/24/2017 6:02 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is the single greatest meal you've eaten in the last year?

-Inverse Insomniac


Dear friend,

So, I feel kind of lame that my answer involves theme park food...but GUYS! Back in December I went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios (the California one) and ate at the Three Broomsticks, and it was kind of amazing. I had Bangers and Mash (sausage and mashed potatoes) with Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert and...it was just so good. Throw in the fact that you are eating in actual Hogsmeade and it's just a really neat experience.

For a more local answer, I highly recommend the pulled pork sandwich at Cafe 300 in Provo.


-Stego Lily


Dear you,

In January I went to a restaurant called The Captain's Grille, and it was there that I ate the following masterpiece:


It's beef short ribs on a bed of corn risotto, and I've been dreaming about it ever since.




Dear Kvothe,

Ask me in three weeks when I've returned from Italy/Switzerland.

The Soulful Ginger 


Dear reader,

I would have had a very different answer for you if it weren't for the last week that I've just spent in Peru. OK, pause please and let me just say that as incredible as Machu Picchu and the other historical sites have been, the number one most amazing thing about Peru has been the food. In Cusco a few days ago I had some shrimp sauteed with sweet peppers and some kind of herby-spicy sauce served with orange slices and crispy fried avocados on a sweet potato purée topped with crispy sweet potato strings. I paired it with an Andean mint lemonade and followed it with a frozen cheese and passion fruit custard. Definitely the best thing I've eaten in the last year.


The Man with a Mustache


Dear Mrs. Cake,

My last year of meals has not been stellar, but this one time shortly after Little Puff was born my dad made me his famous cornflakes chicken with green beans and rolls, and I don't think I've eaten so well since. 




Blue Apron had a recipe for shakshuka, and it turned out I loved it so much. Potatoes and pepper baked in tomato stuff with bonus eggs poached in the mixture is a good combo.

If I'm going for food that other people made, I found place that does Iranian food and they have amazingly flavorful and succulent and plentiful meat. And the babaganoush is divine. And it was a lovely meal. 

-Uffish Thought


Dear Inverse Insomniac, 

There's some recency bias coming into play here, but I visited Vietnam a few weeks ago and so I would just nominate the whole day I spent in Hanoi. We stopped and bought food from literally every single vendor we saw and between the fried donuts, steamed pork buns, pho, banh mi, mango with chili salt, and various other concoctions, it was a uniformly delicious "meal."



Dear Inverse Insomniac,

My mom makes a mean taco braid. It's seriously the best.



Dear Inverse,

Probably pho from a Vietnamese restaurant. Which makes me super jealous of Petra.