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Question #89477 posted on 04/25/2017 3:26 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Which Board question has gotten the highest number of answers? If multiple of these answers were by the same writer, which question has the highest number of unique writers responding?



Dear Haffalump,

I don't know if this is the most, but I'd say Board Question #63765 is a pretty strong contender.

- The Black Sheep

P.S. I looked up Board Question #54078 to see if it had more responses (it didn't), and I realized that that iconic question was asked by my best friend before she was my best friend. The Board, man. I'm going to go tease her about that now...


Dear Heffalump,

I think that the inaugural "roll call" question during our very first Board Alumni Reunion week in 2014 Board Question #77046, had the most number of answers, all from unique pseudonyms, clocking in at a whopping 50 answers!

The questions Black Sheep posted above had 24 (Board Question #63765) and 17 answers (Board Question #54078) each. It's possible that there might be another answer with more votes somewhere but I'm doubtful. 

- Rating Pending (who, in a small tease because it hasn't posted yet, can tell you that THIS year's "roll call" question currently only has 26 unique answers)