"Twenty-year-olds fall in and out of love more often than they change their oil filters. Which they should do more often." - House
Question #89485 posted on 04/25/2017 6:27 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How accurate did your predictions for the past year turn out to be?

What are your predictions for the next year?

-not yayfulness


Dear friend,

Let's have a look-see, shall we?

At least two more prominent pop-culture icons will die and everyone will be shocked: Muhammad Ali and Carrie Fisher, among others. Check!

It will be John Williams and the Queen of England: Wrong, thank goodness!

Paul Ryan will keep being my favorite Republican: Ha ha, no. Nope nope nope.

Barack Obama will become a regular guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show: I...do not remember why I predicted this. Pretty sure it didn't happen.

John Curtis will be reelected as the mayor of Provo: Well, he's announced that he's not running for reelection, but I really hope he ends up running for Chaffetz' House seat (or challenging Orrin Hatch!)

I will probably still be here in Provo, finishing up another year of teaching: Correct!

Hopefully I'll have grown my school choir to twice its current size: My choir is still about the same size, but I added an additional choir, so between the two choirs I have twice as many kids as last year.

Students will continue to confuse me with the science teacher: Nope, because she quit!

So I got close on some, I guess.

Here are my predictions for next year:

  • I will be in the same job, same apartment, and same calling as now.
  • I might maybe be pregnant at that point?

And that's about as far as I want to speculate for now. Predicting the future is hard.


-Stego Lily


Dear not ~

Next alumni week I will either be pregnant or have a new wee one. False. I am not pregnant, nor do I have a wee one. Nor do I have plans to change that.

Dragon Baby will be preparing to be baptized. (WHEN DID I GET SO OLD?!) True. Though she's also going through a phase of hating church, so... hopefully this remains true?

Niffler Baby will be talking non-stop about going to Kindergarten and will be asking when I'll buy her new clothes for it and can I please paint her fingernails? Semi true. She's excited about Kindergarten, but not non-stop talking about it. She's currently happy with her clothes, but she does still beg me to paint her fingernails.

Yellow 2.0 will be excited to start some sort of preschool. Joy School, perhaps? I hope he's still as obsessed with cars as he is now. He is starting preschool this year, but doesn't really understand that's happening. But they do a train field trip, so I'm excited for him. He is, in fact, still obsessed with cars.

Based on our track record, Yellow will have a new job. (He's hapy where he is and is not looking for a new job. But that was his status his last two job changes, so...) False. Yellow still has the same job! No one has actively tried to poach him from this one. And he is still happy with this job.

And we will be planning a trip to Nicaragua. I will have a passport again! Semi true. We just got BACK from Nicaragua! And I do have a passport again! But as I'm planning a girls' trip back there in January (hopefully!), I'll say this one is still mostly true.

Most Americans will be complaining about the new president, but all Americans will be grateful the election is finally over. Mostly true. Most Americans are complaining about the president. But sometimes I wish the election wasn't really over, and this is just a bad dream that I can wake up and still have the chance to change.

Bad things will continue to happen. I will have said at least 329 times, "But I thought we lived in America!" Probably true. I haven't counted. And I've become resigned to the fact that the America I live in is a far cry than the America I naively believed I lived in as a child. It hurts.

If you look, amazing people will still be doing great humanitarian things all over, giving me the feel goods. True. Sometimes it's hard to see, because I'm too caught up in the bad things, but people really are doing great humanitarian things all over. I need to look out for those more often.

Apple will be considering opening a Utah office. Sadly, false, so far as I am aware.

There will be a new food craze to replace the current one. (What is the current one anyway. Swig?) I hope it has something to do with high-quality dark chocolate. Maybe? I am out of the loop for food crazes. I can't think of any off hand, though. And Swig is still a thing.

Everyone will still be talking about the amazing no-longer-new Harry Potter movie. Not as true as it should be. Fantastic Beasts was awesome. I really should buy that and watch it again. But I have had a handful of conversations about it in the last month, so it's still got some hype.

We will all be anxious for the new Stormlight Archive book. Yesssss! But not as much as I wish, because it's not coming out until probably November! [big fat tears]

Half of our active writers will be new. Honestly, I have no idea. 

Everyone will talk about the good old days of the Board, and why can't we just be like that now? There is actually a question sort of about this...

Hopefully we'll have finally gotten a sponsor that doesn't turn out to be terrible. I'm so out of touch with the Board right now that I, once again, have no idea.

And I hope we'll now have a webmaster that has time to devote to the Board, so things like the Board on mobile won't be terrible. And maybe an updated app? But that seems to be stretching it. Based on the bugs still on the writer's side of the Board, I'm gonna guess this is false. Also, I know for a fact that the app hasn't been updated in years, and isn't currently on the developer's to do list. So... false.


Predictions for next year:

  • I will know for a surety if my family will remain a family of 5 or not.
  • Dragon Baby will be finishing up THIRD GRADE and will finally have enough confidence to do things without me.
  • Niffler Baby will have probably discovered that boys are more fun to tease and play with.
  • Yellow 2.0 will have mellowed in temper and be my sweet, fun boy again. He will still be obsessed with cars, trains, firetrucks, and monsters. Perhaps we'll add dinosaurs to the list?
  • I will have at least two more stamps in my passport.
  • We will be planning another epic family vacation.
  • I will have gone to one of the Harry Potter theme parks.
  • Niffler Baby will have read the first Harry Potter book and loved it. (Please? Oh please?)
  • I will be at least halfway done with at least one more Harry Potter quilt (probably my brother's)
  • I will have earned my Personal Progress medallion.
  • America will not have imploded. I pray.
  • A new political party will begin to emerge to represent those people who feel like the Republican party has left them.
~ Dragon Lady

Dear obviously not me,

Here is a verbatim copy of my predictions from last year as found in Board Question #86643, with everything that turned out to be incorrect struck through.

Here are my predictions for the next year.

Hillary Clinton will beat Donald Trump in one of the ugliest and most contentious presidential elections in modern history. As a side effect of Donald Trump, the Republican Party will begin to fracture and realign itself in a three-way battle between populists, economic libertarians, and business interests. As another side effect, Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party* will receive a substantial share of the former Republican vote, possibly enough to win electoral votes and certainly enough to deny Trump electoral votes.

Politics in the United States will continue its trend of polarization and push further towards some sort of breaking point. It's unlikely that the breaking point itself (widespread disruption of an institution of democratic order) will be reached, in the next year or perhaps ever, but we will almost certainly be much closer to that point in a year's time than we are today.

The war in Syria will continue largely unabated, and the refugee crisis with it. ISIS will continue its slow decline, and will increasingly attempt to target Europe with terrorist attacks with the aim of escalating the war, driving further wedges between Muslims and the West, demoralizing its enemies, and distracting everyone from the fact that they are no longer winning.

The world at large will continue to change gradually and incrementally rather than spectacularly, and hardly anyone will notice except in retrospect.

The 100 Hour Board will hit question #90000 around January 2017, or possibly a bit later (by my back-of-the-envelope calculations, it appears that question frequency has slowed down a bit over the past 15,000 questions).

Yayfulness will start graduate school at Cal Poly and reignite his passion for urban design. He will continue getting overly excited about Star Wars and not bothering to watch movies that are not Star Wars, and he will make a multitude of jokes and puns bad enough that yayfulgirl will probably sprain an eyeball from rolling her eyes.

I thought I was smart.

I was not actually that smart.

So, let's do it again!

In the world at large, I desperately hope suspect that the worldwide tide of nationalism has hit its high-water mark already. Macron will win the French election. Democrats will be set to make significant gains in the House of Representatives here in the US. (Labour is still probably going to be stuck in a freefall in the UK, but you can't win everything everywhere.) Trump won't be impeached, though; he's functioning as a generic albeit highly amateur and unstable Republican, and his base still loves him, and that's enough for the party to prefer to keep him around.

In my personal/academic life, by next alumni week I should be a few months away from graduation. And also I'll go out on a limb and predict that child #1 will have progressed from "concept" to "some sort of physical entity."

I feel like I ought to predict more, but I can't think of anything else that I feel confident enough about to put in writing, so that'll have to do.



Dear Doctor,

I'm going to make predictions because I can.

  • I will be pregnant.
  • I will have a calling in the Primary.
  • I will have actually coded at least two of the app ideas I have stored away.
  • I will probably still be involved with the Board.
And....I don't have any other predictions because I've stopped paying attention.

-Tally M.


Dear not,

My prediction in 2016: Regardless of who wins the general election, I think the Republican party as it has existed is dead. Demography was against it anyway, unless they finally shifted their positions on immigration reform and social issues. We're going to see a major realignment, with disparate elements gravitating to new parties or new names, and the beginning of the next Party System (Sixth or Seventh, depending on how you interpret the 20th century). This may take longer than a single year, but it's coming.

Result: The Republican Party ran the most dysfunctional, incompetent, scorched earth campaign in modern history... to a staggering win. Even though they now control every single branch of government, they're still so hideously dysfunctional and incompetent they can't seem to do anything except lie, waste money, and make us the laughingstock of the world. And at the center of it all is a puerile, evil old man whose already weak cognitive faculties are rapidly deteriorating before our eyes.

I had more here but I got logged out and lost it all while typing it. So I don't have a prediction for this year anymore. Clearly, everything is made up, nothing matters, and the country is full of idiot racists who elected idiot racists. So here's the lesson for all you bright-eyed, optimistic kids who want to "make a difference" and "believe in America": It's all a lie. Wonderful selfless people die in poverty and evil tyrants die of old age, surrounded by luxury. "Right" and "Wrong" apparently don't matter if you have a billion dollars and no conscience. There's no such thing as justice or karma. There's only power, and people willing to wield it at the expense of others–a notion that the old man currently living in the White House might recognize as a reference to Machiavelli or Nietzsche if he weren't functionally illiterate and disinterested in everything except fueling his malignant ego. And now, since, he's ramping up nuclear bellicosity with North Korea, there's a good chance this conversation doesn't matter either. So screw everyone, get yours, get rich, and do whatever you want. We're all going to die soon anyway.

-Cognoscente, honestly shocked at his cynicism. It hasn't been a great year.


P.S. The profound sadness and nihilism expressed in this answer in no way reflects the views of the Board, its governing body, BYU, or the Church.


Dear who is this?,

Prediction: "If Trump gets elected, at least one civilization will denounce the U.S. and a horrible dictator will send a request for a declaration of friendship, embarrassing everyone."

Current reality: HAHAHA *sobs*



Dear Basil,

I'm for sure not still bitter that my prediction of Lin-Manuel Miranda winning an Oscar didn't come true.

For next year, I predict: