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Question #89526 posted on 04/28/2017 8:24 p.m.

Dear Favorite 100 Hour Board Alumni Writer,

Why are you my favorite?

-Two Thumbs Up


Dear Just Two?

I am an incorrigible flatterer and you have very good taste.

- Rating Pending (who is guessing you also like me for my honesty and for that reason I will admit I misspelled "incorrigible" in literally five different ways before getting it right)


Dear Two Thumbs Up,

Thumbs are attached to hands.

I have attractive hands.

Therefore, I am your favorite.



Hello two thumbs,

Uh...because I'm awesome? Duh?

-Extravagant Awesomeness


Dear Doctor,

Because I'm really good at answering questions.

-The not so humble Tally M.


How are you Two Thumbs Up!!

It is a duh. CATS is not a thumb's favorite writer. It is ALWAYS a favorite writer. This is fundamental.

Can you even disagreegiance?? Do not make a lie. If it is, I will set up you the bomb. You know what you doing.

But, please remamber that it is striking handsome. All your humbly attractive are belong to us. Make your time.

But, how can it even understand, can you ask? What you say! Everyone is in love with CATS. Why does it need a words when it can... BASE??????

Ha Ha Ha Ha...



Dear CATS,


NO! We will not let you claim this.

Nooooooooooooooo. Inappropriate!

It's obviously #39 that is Two Thumbs Up's favorite writer. And everybody knows why.

-100 Typing Monkeys


Dear Thumbs,

I am vaccinated and don't growl or bite children.



Dear Two Thumbs Up,

Your favorite writer is clearly your favorite writer.

>Meta Knight


Dear Two Thumbs,

Because I am in possession of the plaque that once adorned the physical 100 Hour Board and invited people to drop their questions in for a reply within 100 hours. Hard to believe that was nearly 1.5 decades ago now.

Der Berliner