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Question #89540 posted on 04/29/2017 1:01 p.m.

Dear Tally M. (and anyone else who wants to answer),

What are your favorite subscription boxes? What ones do you plan to get when you are a little more financially stable?



Hello Kitty,

I have been very pleased with Loot Crate's Marvel Gear + Goods box. I particularly like the Wolverine canvas bag that came in the last box (Weapon X-themed).




Does Blue Apron count? Because I really like it. I recognize it's not the most cost-efficient option, but I'm single and debt-free and I don't have many expenses. For me, it's worth it, because it helps convince me not to get take-out every night (I was getting dangerously close), and try some new foods. 

I also got a subscription box of contacts from Hubble, but I'm not sure about that one, yet. I somehow entered the wrong size, so they're a little uncomfortable, and they come more frequently than I need them (I've been on a glasses kick for a few years now), and it looks like quitting is purposely annoying: you have to call (you can't do it online). So I don't hate them yet, but I certainly don't love them. 

-Uffish Thought


Dear Doctor,

Alright, so what started all of this was an ad on Facebook (yeah, yeah, I know). It was for Therabox, and since I'd signed up for the email list, they were giving basically a lifetime discount to the people who got on the email list early. I figured I might as well try it, and even though I haven't gotten the box yet, this sent me into a session of finding all the subscription boxes I wanted. I've signed up for a bunch of introductory "just pay shipping" ones, which are nice, and one of them may have actually convinced me to subscribe.

Anyways. The ones I'm currently subscribed to:

  • All Girl Shave Club - I actually use fresh blades more often now, which means I get a much nicer shave. Plus their shave butter is great.
  • Dollar Shave Club - I got this for Spectre for a graduation gift. He loves it, and because he gets a closer shave, I love it too. I looked at a number of shave clubs, and this was definitely the smartest choice for lots of reasons.
  • I already mentioned Therabox.
  • Chic StyleBox - I just like this one. It's an accessories box and I never really know what'll be in it, which is fun.

The ones I'm going to sign up for:

  • Box of Style - Same idea as Chic StyleBox.
  • BarkBox - I'm going to have to buy treats and toys anyway; this just makes things easier.
  • Book Bath Box - I love reading in the bath, so this was a no-brainer.
  • Spotlight Stationery - Because I journal a lot.
  • BookCase.Club - Because it's $10 for two books!
  • Supply Pod from Outer Places - I like the idea of this box and it seems really cool.
  • Allure Beauty Box - This is an area of my life I want to expand on, and subscription boxes allow me to try things out, which I like.
  • Scent Trunk - I'm going to at least try this. I like the idea of getting a fragrance that suits me, and it's worth a shot. It's no more expensive than Bath and Body Works.
  • Julep - Despite all of the ads I used to hear on Pandora about this, I really liked the sample box they sent me. The nail polish and lip gloss were both perfect colors, and I love getting new nail polish. I think I'm actually going to keep doing this one.

I tried Geek Fuel, but the box I got was a straight-up miss. The t-shirt was a South Park one (I'll sell it to you if you want it), there was a ninja turtle enamel pin, a Dalek figurine (that was okay), a Deadpool figurine thing (that was also okay), a bathmat (it was okay), and I think that was it.

I don't like the idea of clothing subscription boxes, because I only want to pay for stuff one time, not pay for it to be sent to me and then also pay for clothes. Also, I don't know how often I'd get around to sending things back. I also don't like the idea of renting clothes for some reason. I want to get Spectre the Five Four Club (it's so much easier than going shopping), but I wish there was a comparable one for women.

I do want to try a snack/food one, but they all seem rather pricey and I can't find one that I really want.

So, yeah. I like subscription boxes. To the point where it's hard to keep track of them all. Which means I want to put together a subscription box app that lets you keep track of your subscriptions from all different places. Check back with me next year to see if I've actually done that.

-Tally M.