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Question #89552 posted on 04/29/2017 7:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What podcast(s) do you listen to that you think others should listen to as well? What you do you enjoy about said podcast(s)?

-Need new podcast recommendations


Dear Need New Podcast Recommendations,

Many of the podcasts I listen to have been recommended over and over again here on the Board (e.g., Writing Excuses, This American Life, Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me, etc.). Some of the maybe lesser recommended ones that I absolutely love are: Reply All, 99% Invisible, Radiolab and TED Radio Hour.

-Sky Bones 


Dear pod,

I've listened to Sound Opinions for over a decade now, and I credit them for a significant portion of my music nerdiness.



Dear Reader,

Here are a few podcasts I've started listening to relatively recently, plus a couple of old favorites:

Code Switch - An NPR-produced podcast about race and identity. I enjoy it because it introduces me to a lot of new ideas about race and culture.

For Colored Nerds - I started listening to this in February when I decided to actively diversify my podcast feed. The topics vary, but I enjoy hearing very different perspectives and experiences from my own.

Radio Ambulante - A Spanish-language longform podcast that tells stories from all over Latin America. I'm using this to help me learn Spanish because they also include a full transcript of the podcast on their site, as well as a full English translation. I don't understand Spanish nearly well enough to follow along with it, but if I read through the Spanish transcript first, then read the English transcript to double check what I didn't understand, then listen to the Spanish audio, I can understand bits and pieces.

Longform - Hour-long interviews with nonfiction writers. This podcast is hit-or-miss for me, depending on the guest, but when it's good, it's really good.

Pop Culture Happy Hour - An NPR-produced podcast about pop culture. I enjoy it because it sounds like eavesdropping on a group of smart friends talking about stuff they love.

The Next Picture Show - A film analysis podcast with a fun twist: Each two-part episode pairs a new release with an older film and analyzes how the classic film influenced the newer one. E.g., their first episode compared All the President's Men with Spotlight. I enjoy it because it strikes a nice balance between current pop culture and classic films.

Mission Log - Analysis of Star Trek, one episode at a time. They've finished all of TOS and are currently in season six of TNG. I enjoy this because I was a big TNG fan back in the day and the hosts are very funny and have great rapport. (I also have to give credit to Humble Master for recommending this podcast to me.)

The Protagonist Podcast - A podcast that discusses "great characters in great stories." I enjoy getting new perspective on books/movies/TV shows I already love, as well as being introduced to new stories. (It also doesn't hurt that it's co-hosted by a Board alumnus.)

Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider - A podcast that reviews newly released films. I've been listening to this for years, so at this point it feels like the hosts are old friends. I appreciate that they don't lean too far into fanboy nerdery, but they also aren't super highbrow film snobs.

- Katya


Dear Podcast,

In no order:

Still Processing -- I love it because it dissects race and racism in America through the lens of pop culture.

Other: Mixed Race in America -- I'm mixed race, and it can be hard to find a way to talk about the unique challenges that brings. 

Sooo Many White Guys -- The show's format is a critique of the disproportionate amount of comedians who are cishet white dudes. Most of the guests are women, POC or members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

2 Dope Queens -- I mean, it's Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson. What's not to love?  



Dear Neednu,

  • I just found With Friends Like These, hosted by Ana Marie Cox, and boy is it a balm for my troubled political soul. I can't recommend it enough. Some swears.
  • The whole family of Crooked Media podcasts is great.
  • The Adventure Zone is the best narrative podcast out there, hands down. Many swears, so be warned.
  • Writing Excuses
  • Welcome To Night Vale, but like, just the early stuff. In small doses.
  • I like Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, but each episode is veeeeery long.
  • The Truth is fun if, like me, you like short radio art pieces.
-Inverse Insomniac

Dear Human,

I am somewhat of a podcast junkie. I get most of my news and interesting ideas from podcasts. Currently, I am subscribed to about 20 podcasts. I actively list to about 15, including the following:

  • This American Life: It's a popular reporting podcast that tells stories around a theme. My favorites include "Tell Me I'm Fat", "And the Call Was Coming From the Basement", and "Cops See It Differently." 
  • FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast: FiveThirtyEight reports statistics-based news. They are pollsters and political analysts and I love them. No favorite episodes here, but it's an easy way to keep up with American politics.  
  • BBC World Report: Speaking of the news, I find it is much easier for me to listen than to read it. BBC produces a twice daily podcast that highlights and summarizes the day's events. Also, a great exhibition of dry wit. 
  • Hardcore History: Dan Carlin's history podcast of epic proportions. I was first introduced to Dan Carlin in high school by my boyfriend. He described these podcasts as audio orgasms. I would not it that far, but Dan really does an amazing job researching and telling history. I love some of the really old episodes such as the "Ghosts of the Ostfront", but his most recent episode, "The Destroyer of Worlds" is also amazing. 
  • Middle East Institute: In case you didn't know it yet, I am a nerd about international relations, and the Middle East Institute records and creates podcasts based on talks held at their offices. They're fascinating to listen to.
  • Embedded: I started listening to this podcast a few months ago. It takes a very deep-dive into current issues, such as police videos, school closures, and more. 
  • Reply All: A podcast about the internet. You know how I learned all about Harambe and Pizzagate? Also, they do a fascinating story on ISIS recruiting online. Also, this episode describes teenagers on the internet basically making fun of my life. I highly recommend this podcast (Warning: mature content and language).
  • Radiolab: My podcast obsession really started with Radiolab. It is one of only a few podcasts that I have listened to the entire archive. It is mostly a science podcast, but they tell cool stories too. My favorite episodes are "Colors" and "Falling." Also, I adore the story of Ann Druyan and Carl Sagan as told in "Space."
  • The Moth: I love the Moth. So. Much. Real lives; real stories, and told by those who live them. Funny, poignant, and vulnerable. I've been to one of their live shows in New York, and I am so excited for their show at the University of Utah on May 30. Also, here in SLC, there is a similar organization called "The Bee" that is modelled after "The Moth." They describe themselves as "lovingly competitive storytelling." If you live in the area, I highly recommend going to one of their shows.  
  • Generation Why: When I am sick of things that are funny, poignant, and vulnerable, I listen to podcasts about serial killers. When I told my boss about this podcast, she told me she was worried about me.
  • Modern Love: The New York Times publishes essays about love in the modern era, and they are read by award-winning actors on this podcast. My favorites include "How to Fall in Love With Anyone", "A Millenial's Guide to Kissing", and "The End of Small Talk." There are so many good ones here though, I can't come close to naming them all. 
  • Welcome to Night Vale: A delightful town, where it is illegal to acknowledge the existence of angels, there is a floating cat in the bathroom, and you should never take your dog to the dog park. In fact stay out of the dog park. 
  • S-Town: I just started listening to S-Town. It is produced by This American Life and it is similar to Serial in a lot of ways. So far, so good.
  • Serial (Season One): Serial deserves an honorable mention simply because season one was so good. Season two, not so good. But season one!
  • Awesome with Alison: This is a lady who lives in Provo actually. It's a lifestyle podcast. Pretty chill, empowering, and provokes some pretty great introspection. 
  • Writing Excuses: Brandon Sanderson's writing podcast. Fifteen minute episodes because your don't have time, and they're not that smart. Really good, really entertaining. Great if you actually write things, which I don't.
  • Protagonist Podcast: Confession, I started listening to this like four days ago. It's Humble Master's podcast and they talk about characters they way that I think about characters that love, which fills me with joy. So far my favorite episode was about Psych. So good. 
  • Unattended Consequences: Okay, so I actually go back and forth on this podcast a lot. On the one hand, it's Patrick Rothfuss's podcast. On the otherhand, they don't really say much that I find worth listening to. But it's Patrick Freaking Rothfuss's podcast. You can see my problem. 

Other notable mentions include FreakonomicsTed Radio HourPlanet MoneyMore PerfectDate/ableDTRNancyCodebreakers, and Death, Sex, and Money.

I love podcasts. 

The Soulful Ginger


Dear Need,

Just as a warning, many of these have language and/or mature content in some or all episodes, so use your own discretion here. 

  • Reply All
  • The Moth 
  • Criminal
  • This American Life
  • Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me
  • S-Town
  • In The Dark 
  • Accused

Dear Need,

I listened to a few different podcasts until I got hooked on EconTalk. It's a weekly ad-free discussion of some economic topic or other, often featuring Nobel Prize winners and other prominent economists. Recent topics include the economics of drug dealing, how zoning regulation created the shape of Manhattan's skyline, and the problematic growth of the financial sector. Given that the podcast has over 500 hours of backlog, that's been all I have needed for my commute for months and I probably have a year or two to go.

~Professor Kirke


Dear hipster:

My top seven podcasts:

The Ezra Klein Show - This is by far my favorite podcast. The episodes with Cal Newport, Chris Hayes, and Obama (!) were all top-notch. He's interviewing McMullin soon.
Revisionist History
Savage Lovecast*
This American Life
Waking Up with Sam Harris*

Honorable mentions:

The Art of Manliness
Dear Sugar*
The Deseret News Silicon Slopes Hour
Freakonomics Radio
Hidden Brain

The New Yorker Radio Hour
Off Camera with Sam Jones
The Panic Parade
Planet Money
Pop Culture Happy Hour
Vox's The Weeds
What's The Point

(I've starred those I probably wouldn't listen to with my grandmother.)



Dear you,

Big fan of Alice Isn't Dead and The Black Tapes, both of which are fictional/narrative based. And they have spooky/horror elements to them. Definitely fun/interesting. Tanis which is in the same universe as The Black Tapes is also really cool, but a bit more sci-fi/Lovecraftian than TBT. Finally, The Bright Sessions is a really cool podcast done as the recorded notes of a psychologist who works with different "atypicals" (think like mutants from X-men). 

For comedy I love Put Your Hands Together with Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, as well as Two Dope Queens with Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams. Both podcasts have the format of the two hosts doing their own bits and then turning over the show to other comedians. Topics and humor styles vary but I like that it's always a bit different. Fair warning that as is the case with a lot of comedy, these are explicit podcasts due to language and some topics. Both are very feminist and intersectional though, so very, very rarely are there comedians on either show that make jokes which cross the line (e.g. jokes about minority groups or rape). 

Last couple of recommendations would be Unranked which is a video game podcast that I enjoy, Professor Blastoff which I don't know if I can accurately describe other than as comedy/science/philosophy(?), and the occasional The Nerdist podcast episode/interview (mostly if it's a celeb/person I want to listen to or hear about).