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Question #89583 posted on 04/30/2017 8:44 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

We're coming up on the last day of alumni week. Would you please brag about something you've done that makes you proud? No qualifying statements, no false modesty... simply regale us with tales of your greatness.

--Sasparilla Sasquatch


Hello Kitty,

No, I won't.



Dear S^2,

I made this.

tatooine pixel view v2.png

And this.




Dear Sarsaparilla Sasquatch,

Unfortunately I ran out of time, but I was going to go back through everything and point out the changes in how the Board addresses mental health, LGBTQ issues, liberal politics (gasp!), and faith crises before and after my writership. The Board is not the end-all when it comes to my resume (and of course a lot of other people wrote bravely about all this stuff... oh wait, no qualifying statements, I'm no good with rules like that), but I am very proud of what I did here.

Failing that, I have lived with severe depression and anxiety almost completely constantly for the past 17 years. My depression and anxiety are going to junior prom, you guys. The average person gets to live their life numbed out on dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. My brain thinks baking up these neurotransmitters is lame but also resists store bought with a vengeance. I have had to face life in the cold, hard light of day for 17 years with hardly any breaks and I am still kicking. I am a WARRIOR. Come at me.

- The Black Sheep


Dear Sasparilla Sasquatch,

This is a little cheesy, but the day you submitted this question was Wednesday, April 26th, 2017, which just happened to be my husband and I's 10th wedding anniversary. Just for kicks I decided to try on my wedding dress again, which I haven't worn since our reception 10 years ago.


It totally still fits. I have given birth three times and my wedding dress still fits. That's kind of awesome and totally brag-worthy, right?

-Sky Bones (whose 3-year-old son, upon seeing his mother in a fancy dress, promptly jumped and stomped on the dress's train)


Dear Sasquatch,

It's not something I've actually completed yet, per se, but I did get invited for a screen test to appear on Jeopardy!, so I'm pretty proud of that. If I make it on the show, I'll post a link to my J-Archive game(s) during next year's alumni week. Assuming I get on, and assuming we do alumni week again next year, and assuming the Board still exists, and assuming the earth doesn't explode.

I mean, you know what happens when you assume.

- D.A.R.E.


Dear SS,

Now that I just finished the final and won't see anyone from that class ever again: I was in Physics 442 this semester, and on the last midterm, I got 100%. Now, granted, our tests were all take-home and open-book, so I was free to use any resources (textbook, homework solutions, internet pages) outside of contact with another human being to work out the problems, but still: I aced an exam in a 400-level Physics class.

-Frère Tooting His Own Horn


Dear SS,

I just got a new job as a teacher and was able to negotiate my salary (which is generally something that cannot be done. This is something of a special case). I'm extremely proud to say that I successfully negotiated my salary to make me the highest paid teacher with a similar level experience and set of qualifications in the entire state of Colorado.


The Man with a Mustache


Dear Shirley, 

This is a weird one, but:

I took ALL of my exams this semester,
turned in ALL (three) of my (not-actually-hard-but-hard-when-you-procrastinate) essays,
took ALL (two) of my finals yesterday, 
AND I haven't needed to go to the hospital once. Bam. 


-Auto Surf


Dear Sassaparilla,

This last semester I was a TA for a 400-level class I'd never taken in a department that I had previously only taken two classes in. But I was still able to learn and teach the material, sometimes in the same day. Specifically for the final, I ended up going through and figuring out myself the things my students had to know the morning of my review. And I still managed to do it.

Also, I got accepted on as a writer the week before finals last semester, and this is already my 325th answer (including ones not written under this 'nym). If I only go with responses under this 'nym, then I'm still over 300.


P.S. I just read an email today from one of my students saying I was the best TA they ever had, and that lots of students were talking the day of the final about how much they appreciated me. I feel really braggy saying this, but it definitely made my day.


Dear Doctor, 

Um yellow belt in hapkido (depression) 

Apparently I cook really well

The Container Store is my happy place

Working full time with depression 

-Tally M.

I was requested to leave it in this format because, according to Petra, "It's poetry." Basically, doing anything while depressed is something I'm proud of.


Dear Sasparilla Sasquatch,

I created a local cataloging standard for working with certain types of materials that was subsequently adopted by the Library of Congress as the national standard.

- Katya


Dear Sasparilla Sasquatch,

I've been directly involved in getting each of 83 different out-of-copyright LDS works (i.e. majority of this list) put up on Project Gutenberg as free e-books.

~Professor Kirke


Dear Ms. Sasquatch,

I instigated a conversation about salaries at my work. Now I know ~5 of my coworkers' salaries, they know mine, and we all plan to ask for raises.

Don't let The Man keep you down! Share your salaries! Start a coup!

But seriously, it is very empowering to get this information.



Dear you,

By the time this posts, I will have graduated from law school.

~Anne, Certainly


Dear Sas,

This afternoon I got in the mail the small baking ramekins I ordered and, apropos of literally nothing else, I made six mini chocolate souffles and it took 45 minutes and they turned out pretty much perfect.

- Rating Pending (who could probably think of something more important and less gluttony but, honestly, even a year ago that would've seemed like an impossible joke answer and I'm proud of it)


Dear Sasquatch, 

A couple things spring to mind:

  • 1. I got into Harvard Law School, 2. I decided not to go because my husband didn't get in to any Boston-area schools*, and 3. have only told him "I gave up Harvard for you!" maybe...5 times? 10 times? Not that many. To be clear, I'm most proud of part (3). 
  • I've been doing triathlons for the past few years and last fall came in 3rd in a race. That's because there were only 4 women doing the Olympic distance race, but the "third place" ribbon is hanging on my fridge anyway because I am proud that I'm in good enough shape, and brave enough**, to do these races at all. 
  • I've taken up quilting and one time I actually finished a baby quilt before the intended baby recipient was born***.

- Petra 

*and because I got a job around the same time that it turned out I enjoyed and was good at and paid well for, so I didn't end up going to law school at all. 

** because they involve open-water swimming and biking in traffic, both of which are mildly scary to me. 

*** It was an awesome quilt, too. 


Dear Sassy,

I'll be graduating with my Master's (in marriage and family therapy / art therapy) in about a week. My graduation is on my birthday, so I'll be high-fiving myself all weekend long. 

And I'm still proud of this painting.

Waldorf (and Sauron) 


Dear SS,

I washed both of my blankies. It needed to be done and I'm proud that I bit the bullet and threw them in the wash.

-Genuine Article 


Dear Sarsaparilla,

This week, I'm ending my job in res life with the end of Winter semester. It's been so hard to let go of co-workers and the students, and many tears have been shed in private. Today, one of them gave me this super cool twenty one pilots poster, which along with my journal, a few keepsakes, and my Van Gogh: The Life book, is now one of my prized possessions:


It's beautiful but I am still sad. Even Josh Dun can't make this bittersweet feeling go away.

-Van Goff


Dear You,

My a cappella group which I started with some friends a couple semesters ago got to record a song on the Best of BYU A Cappella Club 2017 album this semester and it was the favorite song out of all the ones on the CD of the club president, the club faculty adviser, and the lady who actually did the recording and mixing for the CD. We also got to sing in the A Cappella Jam with Vocal Point and five other groups from the A Cappella Club and one of our songs was Vocal Point's FAVORITE song of the entire night and also a major crowd favorite. So yeah, you could say we're pretty awesome.

~Dr. Occam is so proud of his little a cappella group

PS - if any of my group members read the Board and see this question, I love you and you are amazing!