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Question #89600 posted on 05/02/2017 6:07 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Who's your favorite late night comedy host?

-Seth Meyers


Sorry, Seth,

Mine is John Oliver, all the way, followed by Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah.

You come in a distant fourth.

Yours, &c.

Heidi Book


Hello Kitty,

I tend to group late night hosts into two categories: the standard and the satirical. The standard would (currently) be Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, James Corden, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Conan O'Brien while the fringe would be Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah,  and John Oliver. (Excepting non-standard format late night, the more fringe shows, and Bill Maher.) Aside since I started watching Letterman and Leno when I was like, two, I feel like I am qualified to rank my favorites and have it be a definite list. Let's start with satire (and in Letterman format we'll go from bottom to top).

3. Trevor Noah. Noah had some big shoes to fill. Jon Stewart is essentially the reason late night satire is the way that it is now. And Noah isn't bad, I just don't particularly enjoy watching him. I think he relies too much on his correspondents for humor and doesn't bring much to the table himself. I personally preferred Larry Wilmore's brief stint with The Nightly Show and would have thought he'd make a stronger candidate to helm The Daily Show.
2. John Oliver. John knows what he's doing and he does it well. It is admittedly a bit formulaic and that takes some of the punch from the humor but it's well researched and I really enjoy the long-format which lets him dive deeper into a topic than other shows would do.
1. Samantha Bee. I think Samantha is the truest successor to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Her show feels the most like what I came to know and love, but her voice is still there, speaking loudly and clearly. I thought she was pretty good as a Daily Show correspondent but I wouldn't have picked her as my favorite. Now, though, when she's standing on her own she's really shining and I absolutely love her show.
And now for the "standard" late-night hosts:
6. Conan O'Brien. I just don't like Conan that much. And I feel like I'm supposed to like him? But I'm not the biggest fan of his humor.
5. Jimmy Fallon. OK Jimmy, we get it. You like to play games. Have fun doing that but maybe we could be doing something more important with late-night television?
4. Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel is a decent host. I don't really have anything to say strongly positive or strongly negative about him.
3. James Corden. I have a soft spot for music, OK? Sue me.
2. Stephen Colbert. Stephen's first few months after leaving The Colbert Report felt a bit awkward. It was almost like he wasn't letting himself do the show we all know he is capable of. Fortunately he has recently seemed to "cut loose" a bit more and he's doing it really well. I still miss the Report but if he keeps doing what he's been doing I'll be really happy.
1. Seth Meyers. Seth seems like he showed up to a party but didn't want to dance. But dang it, he's getting the job done. When he first started a lot of people criticized him for seeming too "Weekend Update"-y. But that's part of who he is and I'm glad he embraced it. Instead of playing games for YouTube hits, Seth did the dang journalism and proved he could be counted on to do the dang job. We all know that if Seth were to interview Trump, he wouldn't tousle his dang hair.
(Yeah, I split it up mostly since I wouldn't have to decide between Samantha and Seth.)
-M.O.D.A.Q., who has secretly dreamed of being a late night host since forever

Dear Seth Meyers, 

Something like: 

1. John Oliver 

2. Jon Stewart (will broadcast forever in my heart)

3. Stephen Colbert (though I stopped watching when the Colbert Report ended) 

4. Samantha Bee 

5. Conan O'Brien (though I haven't watched in ages) 

6. Trevor Noah (has grown on me) 

7. I'll care about the rest of them when they start being funny. Also, why aren't there more hosts who are women or people of color? Get it together, TV. 



Dear Seth Meyers,

My favorite is most definitely John Oliver. I love him. I also quite like Stephen Colbert.

Bonus: a friend I went to grade school with works for John Oliver. It was really neat to see her Emmy pictures on Facebook.

Speaking of the Emmys, I just about passed out from joy when Kit Harington presented John Oliver with his 2016 Emmy for Outstanding Writing. Two of my favorite people on stage in tuxedos? Total win.

-Sky Bones 


Dear Seth,

David Letterman.


-Humble Master