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Question #89601 posted on 05/02/2017 6:07 p.m.

Dear friendos,

I know some of you goobers are really into "The Twitter" and "tweet" a lot. I have recently been considering a return to "The Twitter" since I abandoned mine before I ever even owned a "smart" phone.

Any of you out there that I should follow? Any of you willing to torch any of your remaining anonymity so that your follower count can incrementally increase after this posts? Any other favorite people I should follow who aren't on my radar?



Hello Kitty,

Heck, I probably have zero to little anonymity at this point. Follow me: @meehan. And if you like TV, follow @meehanTV.


P.S. Please refrain from calling it "the Twitter" from here on out.


Dear Doctor,

Email me and I'll give it to you. Spectre still writes, so I don't want to be as obvious as I might be if I was single or if he wasn't a writer.

-Tally M.


Hey Gimgimno!

If you're into incessant television, Chance the Rapper, sports, feminism, or Los Angeles-based content, I'm @mnmnadams.



Dear Fred,

I tweet, but mostly about being a teacher or my baby. If anyone wants to follow me, you can email me for my handle. 




I'm not your "friend," pal.



Dear Rameumptom:

"Twitter is a trap."

-Zedability, in a moment of self-awareness 


Dear Gimgimno,

Please follow @BYU_MARB, you will not regret it.

- A writer


Dear Gimgimno,

I've had a Twitter account, under my real name (which you know), for years now and I've never sent a single tweet. Take that as you will.

-Sky Bones 


How are you Gimgimno!!

It can a tweet, but there are few followings. This is sadness. PLEASE RECTIFY.

If it will @setupthebomb, then it will set up you the bomb. There can be updates!

If it is otherwise, then do not worry. You are on the way to healthiest Twister account. But, do not neglect the rest.

Ha Ha Ha Ha...



Dear brilliant and handsome savant,

I haven't quite decided if I should combine my worlds, but if I ever decide to, I'll tweet from my old @gimgimno account what my new handle is. I probably won't migrate the new one to the old one because I'm not sure I want my employer to read all of my old poop jokes.



Dear gimnomnor,





Is he gone? Okay, everyone else -- @lextremist.