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Question #89613 posted on 05/02/2017 6:03 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Would you rather:

Listen to your heart and be who you are on the inside?


Be shiny?

-Mahana of Mata-Nui VS Tamatoa Nuva


Dear Newt,

Oh, definitely shiny. After all, why would I ever pick being true to myself, looking for personal fulfillment and striving to realize my divine potential when I can instead have my skin look like I constantly have a sheen of perspiration/like a tween with an acne problem?

I can't imagine a higher aspiration.

Snarkily shine-ily yours, 



Dear Tomato,

Um, considering the rarity of Shinies (1/8192 generally with some minor variation) and the value of that particular quality, I'd have to say I'd be Shiny. Hands down. And besides, if I'm shiny, I can still listen to my heart and be who I am on the inside. Plus, there's no significant difference in stats for Shinies, so I feel like I can safely assume that if I were Shiny, it would not have any effect on who I am "on the inside."

So yeah. I would be Shiny Dr. Occam in a heartbeat.

Unless my Shiny color scheme was like SUPER lame or something... Maybe...


~Dr. Occam