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Question #89615 posted on 05/17/2017 3:01 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

In my High School it is commonplace to be have finished some AP's by senior year(avg. would be 9). If I submit my AP exam scores to BYU, is there a limit to how many credits I can receive based off that and for which courses? Is it possible for me to only submit certain AP scores and not all of them? In addition, I heard that there was a certain level of credits you could have maximum before BYU tried to make you graduate. Is that true? Lastly, would you recommend I take the classes again or no(I am a biology major, plan to be a dentist, go to dental school). Since a higher GPA is great for dental school, I thought it might be better I retake it for the easy A but at the same time wondered if it would tell colleges I'm not ahead of the game in these classes. The AP's I've taken and was wondering if I could skip at BYU were: Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science AB, Physics C: Mechanics, Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, European History, US History, and US Government and Politics. My central worry is if I submit all of these AP's, and receive credit for them, I will reach the "credit limit" and BYU would try to make me graduate much sooner than my colleagues. I want to be able to spend 4 years at BYU before going to dental school, but I also don't want to be lagging behind when it comes to dental admissions. Sorry for the plethora of questions and hope you aren't too annoyed by my questions. I am the only one in my family to go to BYU as well as the only LDS member so I don't have many people I can turn to who know about how BYU works and is like.(I did visit one time in summer though) Thanks so much board and I really appreciate the effort you guys have in trying to answer all questions under 100 hours.

- Scott Kim

tldr; Questions are:
1. Is there a credit limit BYU puts on students and if they cross that do they get pushed to graduate?
2. Can I selectively submit certain AP grades and not others so I don't have to skip some classes?
3. If I have the chance to skip some classes, which ones should I skip based off my AP exams and which ones should I review to see the college version?
4. If I don't skip these classes, will I be seen below average compared to other applicants of dental school?
5.(unlisted) What's the difference between Chemistry 105 with or without lab integration?
6. Is there a specific set of classes recommended within the course groups for those planning to go to dental school not just though who are getting a Biology major?(I mean within the requirements they also have substitutions. Any preference on those for an incoming freshman?)

Thanks y'all and I hope to see some of you here in fall!(albeit I won't know who you are XD)

-My Name Here


Dear Scotter pop,

Congratulations on getting accepted to BYU! That's no easy task nowadays, so I hope you're proud of yourself. You ask a lot of good questions. Here's what I have for you:

1. While there comes a point where BYU starts to encourage you to get a move on (you can graduate once you reach 120 credits, and they probably will start pushing harder if you reach that point and aren't ready, but they really try to have earlier checkpoints to keep you on track as well. You have to have a major declared by 60 credits and you need special permission to change it after 75. You might be interested in Board Question #11601, in which Katya discusses the effects of post-120 credits consequences), they only count credits earned here at BYU, not AP credits. AP credits count for the amount of credits you need to graduate (and in the future they'll help you register earlier since registration dates are off of how many credits you have), but they don't add anything to the "stop taking your sweet time" category. So you don't need to worry about that.

2. It depends! There are a few different ways to submit your AP scores. Right before you take the AP test, when you're filling out that endless bubble sheet, there's a place where you can indicate that you want your scores sent to BYU. If you already did that and really want to withhold some scores, you can fill out a form (and find a lot of other info) here. If you haven't yet indicated that you want your score sent to BYU, you still need to fill out the form I just linked to because when you send your AP report from the College Board AP website it will send all of them unless you do. Just so you know, however, you can still take the class at BYU even if you choose not to withhold the score for that AP test. Some people do that so that they can feel like they've mastered the material.

3. You've probably already done this, but if not I recommend looking here to find out if the AP tests you took are available for BYU credit (not all of them are, unfortunately). I'm not an expert on what dental schools are looking for, and it may very well vary for each dental school, but according to this and this, I would think that as long as you get the credit in some way you should be good. I think the greater factor might be how well prepared you feel for the Dental Admission Test. If you feel like you know Biology front and back you could save time and not take it again, but if you feel like you don't quite have Chemistry down it might be a good idea to take the class at BYU. It's up to you. It also looks like some of the AP classes you took could count towards General Education requirements here (classes that everyone has to take), so it might be nice to get some of those out of the way.

4 & 6. Again, I don't know exactly what dental schools are looking for, but luckily there's an office on campus who does! The Pre Professional Advisement Center is located in 3328 Wilkinson Student Center, or you can call them at (801)-433-3044. You can give them more details about your situation and they will be able to answer your questions better than I can! This sheet that I linked to previously might also help with your last question.

5. I'm a little confused by your fifth question because I've never heard of Chem 105 without lab integration and I don't think BYU offers it. From what I understand, lab integration just means that you don't have to register for another class to fulfill the lab requirements for Chem 105, unlike how you often need to register for Chem 107 (a one-credit lab) when you take Chem 106. When I took Chem 105 the lab integration meant we had to come in to the lab on our own time once a week to complete a 20-30 minute experiment assignment.

Anyway, I hope some of that helped. Sorry it took me so long to get it to you. Have a great freshman year and let us know if you have more questions!

-the Goose Girl

posted on 05/17/2017 7:01 p.m.
My advice: submit ALL your AP credits.

I started at BYU with 51 credits thanks to AP exams and some of my friends had even more. My 4th year I was notified that my financial aid was being revoked because I wasn't making "satisfactory academic progress" --- I had way more credits than necessary to graduate, but many of them were AP credits I didn't even need. I explained that to administration folks in an appeal, and they gave me an exception. Ended up graduating with 224 credits. --- A-DAWG