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Question #89624 posted on 05/08/2017 10:50 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I've been dating my S.O. for over a year now. We both live in Provo. We are running out of date ideas and things to do together besides video games, TV shows, and visiting the same few good spots in Provo date-night activities (games in particular are very fun, but I enjoy learning new things about him through going on adventures!).

We are saving money for a car, but don't currently have one, which is a problem for our travel-happy personalities. In particular, we love car camping trips, and visiting *city name in neighboring state* where S.O.'s family and friends live, but it's hard to find reliable (Zim)ride-sharing posts lately, and rental car costs are often prohibitive given our ages.

It seems like nothing I do can cheer up S.O. in these cases when we can't get away from Provo for even just a day or two.

How can I make magical adventures for me and S.O. when we live in Provo, don't have a car, and sort of hate having to be in Provo?

-Mercy Main


Dear Merlin,

Here's an idea that my friend and I came up with recently for fun things to do: go through a weekend making every decision based off of a coin flip. While we haven't had the chance to do it yet, we're really excited to try it out. Basically, every time you come to a a crossroads (including even walking down a street) flip a coin to see where you'll go next.

Another thing you could do is ride Frontrunner up to Salt Lake. If you get off at the North Temple station, then you'll be 5-10 min walking distance from places like Temple Square and City Creek Mall (and my old high school, coincidentally). Have you ever been on the roof of the conference center? If you haven't, I highly recommend it. Additionally, you could try checking out the tunnels that run underneath the city. I seem to remember being in them at some point in time, though I forget precisely what circumstances led to that. Another cool place I really like in Salt Lake is the SLC Library.

Basically, there are more things to see and do Salt Lake than in Provo, and it might be a nice break from what you're used to. Depending on how much you like walking, you can either walk everywhere, or there's a bus system you can get on from the Frontrunner station.



Dear you,

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