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Question #89634 posted on 05/05/2017 6:02 p.m.

G'day all you knowledgeful, skilled people!

I just graduated, hooray! And for the summer I am out-of-state, working and making some money. In September though, I will be back to start a BYU graduate program. I intend to follow the Honor Code as long as it applies, but I am curious what my full-on beard would look like.

Do the Dress and Grooming standards apply between BYU programs? Do they apply as soon as I accept an acceptance, or as soon as the new program starts?

Thank you!

Pre-beardy Pre-graduate Student


Dear Beardy,

In general, the Honor Code is applicable once you are admitted to BYU. If you feel morally obligated to follow the Honor Code even before starting the grad program, then maybe this is up to personal feelings whether or not you should grow a beard in-between semesters. That's up to you. A lot of BYU guys grow beards in-between semesters, though. Generally they just shave them in the fall. The Honor Code Office is not going to kick you out of BYU for sporting some facial hair in your off time. The worst that will happen is that if you take a test at the Testing Center, you'll be asked to shave before you take said test but I'm assuming you're not going to be spending time there in the summer.

-Van Goff