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Question #89636 posted on 05/06/2017 6:55 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

This would have been better asked during alumni week, but I didn't think of it soon enough. Oh well. (Note: I'm including quite a bit of background, mostly in the hope that it will help you understand my question)

I graduated from BYU with a degree in Elementary Education last year (2016). I'm currently substitute teaching in another state, as I have to get a masters before I can do full time teaching in this state.

So I've been thinking about going back to college, even have a program picked, but have two things holding me up - I won't be able to pay for it myself and make it through school for a few more years, and I really got burned out when I got my undergraduate degree.

I've been feeling though, like I should start looking into scholarships and stuff, to see if I can start my Grad program in the next couple of years, which will only happen if I can get scholarships (no loans, minimum work the first year and none the second year).

Now for my question: If I apply to scholarships and receive one with the intent of starting Fall 2018, and then have to postpone because I don't get enough scholarships, will the scholarships be okay with me telling them no thank you? What would the process for that be? I know I may be worrying unnecessarily, but at the same time, I applied for 100s of scholarships for undergraduate, not counting BYU ones, and of those 100s only received 2.

So, what would your advice be for trying to find a way to get enough scholarships to go back to school?

-Miss Frazzled


Dear person,

The best person to talk about this with are people who are in the kind of program that you want to be in. Funding looks really different in different disciplines and often doesn't work the way undergrad scholarships do. Then you can better evaluate what kind of funding strategy is the best/most practical.

As for declining scholarships, I have no idea if they will let you postpone. Readers, if any of you know anything about this sort of thing, please feel free to comment.