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Question #89640 posted on 05/12/2017 5:23 p.m.

Dear Anne, Certainly,

You did it! You won! Looking back, would you do it again? What would you have done differently?

-a writer who doesn't want to admit they're thinking about law school


Dear you,

If I were going back yes. If someone was just like 'hey want another JD' I'd be like 'nah I'm good.'

Things that mattered to this being a good decision for me:

1) I was in a flexible position pre-law school. I was single (well, mostly. Man and I started dating officially the summer before law school and married after 1L) and otherwise fairly unencumbered, so my choice to go to law school wasn't something that was going to mess with anyone else's plans. I had a major that provided a viable career path, but that I wasn't crazy excited to start with at that point.

2) I had an extraordinarily low opportunity cost. My undergrad degree was in education, so it's not like going to law school was preventing me from rakin' in the dough. Additionally, I received very generous scholarship assistance from the school (message me on Facebook or email me personally if you'd like to talk about financial considerations in more detail). 

3) I have had a fair amount of flexibility available to me regarding what to do AFTER law school. Right now I'm working at a firm (albeit part time) but if I had decided I hated it, my family wouldn't be unable to eat if I went and decided to teach instead or something.

4) I enjoy reading. I am quite logical and detail-oriented. I'm good at high-pressure testing. In short, I am a person who has some qualities that help you do well in (and some qualities that help you not hate) law school.

So, What would I have done differently?

1) Been more social, especially during my second year. I let a lot of stuff slide socially at this point right after I got married.

2) Maybe done a matched externship after my first year of law school, maybe. I worked at a place I'd been before that would actually pay me for my time, but I might have been able to get a different experience that would've been valuable (in a sector of the market where I haven't ever worked) if I'd been willing to go elsewhere and do credit work. That being said, I've ended up in a good place, so I don't necessarily want to go back and end up matching with some medium-large firm in Salt Lake that I'd then feel like I should stick with. I'm working at a very small Provo firm and like it there.

3) Knowing what I know now, I might have taken some different classes. Like that one that I hated? Could've done something else instead.

4) Maybe started working on my bar application sooner, but maybe not.

Anyways, thanks for the congratulations, and shoot me an email if you want to talk about considering law school!

~Anne, Certainly