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Question #89662 posted on 05/13/2017 10:18 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Who is your favorite writer to...
-do things together with
-randomly see on campus
-have a texting/other medium of non-in-person conversation with
-read their answers
-Facebook stalk
-talk (in person) with
-read their placeholders/flagettes (or anything on the Board that isn't available for readers to see).
-any other pertinent category you think of

Feel free to answer with multiple writers to any of these questions if you so wish.



Dear Favia,

-Do things together with: Auto Surf
-Randomly see on campus: Auto Surf
-Have a texting/other medium of non-in-person conversation with: Auto Surf
-Read their answers: Zedability
-Facebook stalk: Frère Rubik
-Talk (in person) with: Auto Surf
-Read their placeholders/flagettes: Probably Frère, but honestly most flagettes aren't that interesting.

Basically Auto Surf is amazing and I love her.




Dear Favia,

I don't tend to do things with just one writer; we usually gang up and do things. When we had our Board Christmas party I picked up Sheebs, Kirito, The Entomophagist, and Luciana and we drove to the party in the Rubikmobile, and that was a pretty fun time. I also like to have long chats with Ardilla and Auto. 

(I also do a lot of stuff with some retired writers, but your question seemed more focused on the current batch.)

Haleakalaroomba is definitely my favorite writer to randomly run into on campus because every time I do it feels like I've just encountered a super-rare Pokémon. (Fun fact: one time I was using the restroom in the ESC and I saw some papers on a shelf and upon closer inspection it was a Political Science assignment by Haleakaboomshakalaka. It was a very strange coincidence.)

(Also, before Sheebs returned to BYU from the hinterlands in between her undergrad and graduate studies, I had an elaborate plan for when she was going to come back: I would find where she was on campus, surreptitiously take a picture of her with me making a funny face, caption this picture "ERMAGERSH. SHERBS," and then send her said picture. That plan never came to fruition, but in memory of it I sometimes do call her "Sherbs.")

Auto Surf and I share videos/memes/Clickhole articles with each other over text and Facebook Message and it's never not great.

I like everybody's answers, but recently I've been especially impressed with the work of Alta, Van Goff, and Sherpa Dave.

I mostly Instagram-stalk Zedability's pictures of Baby Z because Baby Z is the cutest and will one day rule over all of the Board so it would be a good idea to get a head-start on learning her illustrious history.

Again, I like having long chats with Ardilla Feroz when he happens to be in town. Same with Auto and Sheebs.

Ardilla's flagettes are usually pretty funny. Alta had a good one recently when I said "bear hands" instead of "bare hands" in a recent answer. Usually funny flagettes depend less on the writer (we're all pretty hilarious when we want to be) and more on the subject matter of the question/answer being flaggetted. For one of my favorite examples, see Board Question #88550.

(But really 90% of the flagettes I leave are just variations on the theme of "HEY THIS ANSWER IS GREAT BUT YOU'VE GOT SMALLFONT SO I DON'T KNOW MAYBE KILL IT WITH FIRE OR SOMETHING K THANKS YOU'RE AMAZING.")

For the grab-bag category, my favorite (former) writer to follow on Twitter is M.O.D.A.Q., because he makes absolutely wonderful poems about homophones in Church hymns.

-Frère Rubik


Dear person,

Do things together with: Anne, Certainly.

Randomly see on campus: Haleakalā, same reason as Frère. Also, he happens to be the only person I ever randomly run into.

Have a texting/other medium of non-in-person conversation with: Anne, Certainly.

Read their answers: I don't think I could pick. I think all of the writers have written incredible research answers, funny answers, and opinion answers. And I'm not just saying that.

Facebook stalk: Zedability, occasionally Dr. Occam. Baby Z is so cute I can't help myself.

Talk (in person) with: Anne, Certainly. 

Read their placeholders/flagettes: These are probably more mundane than the readers think they are. Occasionally they are funny but I feel like this group of writers uses flagettes a lot less than in the past and placeholders are often a one-sentence summary of what the actual answer will be so that we don't get (too) redundant.

Anne, Certainly definitely features here because she is the only writer I hang out with and talk to outside of Board parties on a regular basis. Also, she is a truly incredible friend and super cool and also a big nerd. Occasionally I will text or hang out with Auto Surf, which I also really enjoy. 



Dear Favia,

Who is your favorite writer to...
-do things together with: I've probably spent time most with Anathema and really like hanging out with her. She's fun to talk with and has a really fascinating perspective on life.
-randomly see on campus: This doesn't happen. I have bad eyesight and am generally thinking about things when walking about campus, which translates to being in my own little world and not really noticing reality. When I see my friends around campus, they usually shout my name several times. I can be spacey.
-read their answers: ALL. But Zedability, Luciana, and my December probie buddies especially.
-Facebook stalk: Sherpa Dave usually posts pretty quality memes.
-talk (in person) with: Ooh, tough one. As I mentioned earlier, Anathema's pretty awesome. I also loved talking to The Entomophagist, Alta, and Sheebs at the last Board party I went to. 
-read their placeholders/flagettes (or anything on the Board that isn't available for readers to see): Yeah, flagettes are sometimes a bit mundane but Frere Rubik's are usually pretty snarky and enjoyable to read.

-Van Goff