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Question #89667 posted on 05/11/2017 10:04 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I know that in Back to the Future 2, the studio reused George McFly footage taken during filming of the first movie and originally didn't pay Crispin Glover, figuring they owned that footage, but Glover won and got paid because he didn't agree at original signing to be paid for BTTF 2.

Did the estates of actors Peter Cushing and Drewe Henley, whose images were used in Rogue One digitally and via reused footage from A New Hope, respectively, get paid for the Rogue One usage?

-law is pedantic


Dear Dogma,

In Peter Cushing's case, it doesn't seem like the estate was paid, though this article suggests its permission was obtained before Disney used Cushing's image. Likewise for Drewe Henley, I couldn't find any indication that his estate had been paid. As his part in Rogue One came from unused footage for the original trilogy, it doesn't seem as though Disney even had to obtain permission.