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Question #89671 posted on 05/18/2017 1:04 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I've got 3 days in Tokyo at the end of June. Have any of you ever been there? What things are there to do and where should I stay while I'm there? Any food that I simply must have? I don't have a huge budget so cheap suggestions would be preferred. You guys are the best!

-The Happy Medium


Dear Felicia, 

That's so exciting! My sister is just finishing three years on an Air Force base in Japan and I never visited her, so I'm a little jealous of your trip. 

My sister's recommendations include: 

"A food you should try is Yakitori. It is basically chicken on a stick and you can buy it at any Family Mart or convenience store. Also something you can find at Family Mart is a little chocolate treat called black thunder. It's my favorite Japanese treat.
A must have experience in Tokyo is the equivalent of Time Square in NYC and its called Shinjuku. You need to be there in the evenings and see the hoards of people crossing the streets in all directions at the same time. Also, you should take the subway to get there. It is the busiest system in the world moving 3.4 million people a day. They squeeze more people into the train than you could ever imagine would fit. Try it with's an amazing adventure.
I have also heard Ueno park is a nice experience."
I also asked a friend who is there on a study abroad now. She hasn't yet been to Tokyo but part of the planned activities are going to the Ghibli museum and Akihabara. 
And then Google apparently has a ton of "see Tokyo in 3 days" results. Here's just a few:

I hope you have a good trip! Feel free to email me pictures so I can see what you end up doing and adventure vicariously through you. 

Take care,

-Auto Surf

posted on 05/18/2017 11:12 p.m.
Happy Medium,

I lived in Tokyo as a missionary and visited later as a tourist, so let me add my two cents.

Akihabara in general is a great area to be in if you like video games, arcade, and/or anime in geeneral. You can get great deals there and enjoy several-story arcades, too!

Unless you're travelling all around Japan, the rail pass might be a bit much. I would recommend buying a Suica or Passmo train card at a train station, which are refillable for train fares and work on the vast majority of trains (not just Japan Railways). You can even personalize the card with your name for a fun souvenir!

A quick note about the Studio Ghibli museum: it's a fun, magical place, but the procedure to buy tickets isn't nearly as charming as the visit can be. I would recommend you buy tickets as soon as possible if you're interested, as they're sold in extremely limited quantities and sell out quick!

Also, if you are a fan of early 1900's Japanese history and/or Ramen (the real stuff, not instant) I would recommend taking a train down to Yokohama to visit the Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum! They have a variety of ramen from all regions of Japan that you can eat in addition to modeling the interior after early 1900's Tokyo for maximum enjoyment.

Food-wise, go to a yakiniku (korean BBQ), shabushabu, and/or sukiyaki restaurant. These establishments give you a bunch or raw food and you can cook it yourself on your table's built-in barbecue/hot pot, kinda like Melting Pot without the cheese. This is rare in the U.S., so make this a priority! If you like sushi or sashimi, go to the fish market in Tsukiji in the morning and get your raw fish as fresh as possible!

Lastly, take the time to go to a Daiso (100 yen shop); it's cheap and has a lot of cute souvenirs you can get for about a buck each for all your friends/family.

Tanoshinde, ne! (Have fun!)

-Tokyo RM