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Question #89678 posted on 05/14/2017 12:32 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are your feelings on Wonder Woman?



Dear Thor of Asgard,

(Disclaimer right at the start: I'm a feminist and I love superhero movies, so I've got very strong opinions about this and was so happy to see your question in the inbox!)

I LOVE Wonder Woman! Every time I see a trailer for her I get so dang excited because she looks like a total boss and saves the world, plus there's a good mix of humor thrown into them (at least the trailers I've seen), so the movie shouldn't get too boring and repetitive. 

I'm thrilled that women are finally being portrayed as superheroes. Think of your favorite superheroes. I bet all of them are men. If not, kudos to you for finding one of the few women who are actually the hero. Marvel is getting better at having women do amazing things in their movies (Black Widow and Gamora come to mind), but they're still not the main character. They're supporting characters in a movie about a man. And while I love those movies about men as much as the next person, I think it's important to also have movies about women, where men play a supporting role. So in that regard, I think Wonder Woman plays an incredibly important role, because she's the main character and she saves the world. Most movies I can think of with a female main character are chick flicks, and those are great and definitely have their place, but if girls grow up seeing that, according to the media, the only thing women truly excel at is being wrapped up in quirky romances, what sort of idea of their self worth are they going to have? I'm not saying that all girls grow up with a complex because of a lack of female leads in a variety of roles in movies, but as a woman, it can get frustrating to not see my sex shown with very much variety. I love that Wonder Woman is showing that women are powerful enough and cool enough and bad-a enough to get their own movie. 

However, I will say that there are definitely problems with women in the media being portrayed as sexed-up creatures who are beautiful first, and competent at their jobs second, and Wonder Woman plays into that trope for sure. Sure, people are more likely to watch movies where the main character is beautiful, but is that really realistic? If we're showing more women in movies because women make up half the population, that's great, but most women in the population aren't supermodel-status gorgeous. So is Wonder Woman really that relateable? She plays into the stereotype that only beautiful people can do important things, and that to be beautiful you need to amp up your sex appeal to the max. So I don't love the way she's portrayed, but even with those problems, I still think she's an incredibly important addition to the pantheon of superheroes. It's about time we got some women in there.