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Question #89699 posted on 05/14/2017 6:20 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I love watching movies, especially good movies, but of course while there are good movies there are also horrible movies. What are some aspects in movies that you find to be terrible, boring, cliche, ridiculous, etc. Basically, what makes you hate a movie? Feel free to give examples.

- Rotten Red Fruit


Dear person,

I don't really like action movies because they all feel so repetitive. They're often violent. I especially don't like superhero movies, also for these reasons.

Also, I don't like horror movies because they are scary and I am afraid of them.

Also, for some reason, I really don't like the movie Hitch.



Dear Rotten,

I get tired of movies that feel repetitive--not within the film itself, but in terms of films in general. Like Sheebs, I get bored with superhero movies because they all follow the same formula (and because there's so much smashing). When too many movies rely on the same general storyline or sense of humor, I find I have little interest in them.

I must also have a weird sense of humor, because I never seem to have the same opinion as the majority of others. Far too often I'll find myself sitting in a movie theater watching some previews, and I'll see one for a movie that looks juvenile and overall terrible, and I'll wonder how anyone would find such a movie appealing. But more often than not, everyone in the theater laughs. It's unnerving to feel so different from such a large crowd, at least it justifies my general contempt for humanity.

Thinking about it right now, I can't think of any specific movies that I really hate. But my two favorite movies that have come out in recent years are Moonrise Kingdom and Hail Caesar! They're both quirky and refreshing, and I love them. I guess maybe I have slightly bizarre taste, because once upon a time I recommended my coworker go see Hail Caesar!, and after doing so he told me I was never allowed to recommend a movie again. But I like movies that break the norm, even if I can't exactly define what the norm is.




Dear Five Stars,

I really hate all the super dumb movies, like Napoleon Dynamite. For this reason I've also never watched SpongeBob, though the brief snatches I've seen I've disliked. I suppose it's not necessary that every single thing I watch has to be intellectually stimulating, but I do draw the line at being intellectually dampening.



Dear Fruit,

Any of those direct-to-tv Air Buddies movies. Everything about them drives me insane. At first, I couldn't even think of a movie I disliked but then I remembered the trailer for its Christmas special and felt indescribable loathing. I can't stand those movies and am pretty certain the devil created them to stir contention in the hearts of families as their younger sisters play Space Buddies for the FIFTH TIME THAT WEEK.

-Van Goff