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Question #89702 posted on 05/16/2017 7:08 a.m.

Dear all y'all,

Thank you. Thank you so much for your time and energy contributing to the pearl of great price that is this board.

I love every voice in this "choir" from each reader to every single writer who has volunteered to serve in this special way.

You are amazing just being you. Let your voices be heard! Sing your song and let it blend with all the others to create a joyful sound!

Yep, I didn't ask a question. Rejection anticipated!

-Inquiring Mindless


Dear Inquisitive Meridian,

Awww, thank you :). 

It's special "questions" like this that contribute to why I love the Board so much. By the way, you just ask great questions on here in general. As with anything, there are questions that we writers find more or less fun to answer, and I always really like the ones you pose. Thanks for adding your voice to the choir!



Dear squawk-a-mole,

Gracias, querido peasant. We humbly accept your profferment of gratitude and will keep it e'ermore in our Archives of Excellence.


--Ardilla Feroz, from Belgrade, Serbia