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Question #89715 posted on 05/20/2017 1:51 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am in my thirties but most of the time I don't feel "old", but there are moments where I very suddenly feel old. For example, a friend mentioned that her grandmother read the first Harry Potter book to her when she was five years old, I suddenly felt very old because the first Harry Potter book wasn't published until I was already a teenager.

Board writers: what makes you feel old?

-I'm not that old.


Dear friend,

Realizing that if I live to one hundred, I am approximately one fifth of the way through the only life I will ever have. And most people only live to their eighties, so really, an optimistic approximation is one fourth. Assuming I live to old age, you never know. Life goes by so quickly, man. It's strange. My parents keep telling me to enjoy college life because one day I'll blink, and I'll be forty, and I'm starting to really feel that.

-Van Goff

PS: If you want to feel even older, Harry Potter came out the year I was born. Let the existential crisis begin, friend. Yield to it. It's an inevitable void we all must face.


Dear you,

My youngest brother just got his learner's permit. That makes me feel old.

But I work with some people who have been cast members for 15 years longer than I've been alive, so overall I don't feel too ancient.




Dear Viejo,

Very few things ever make me feel old (it helps that I'm generally the youngest in all my classes, my family, social gatherings, etc.). However, if I do want to feel old, I like saying that I was born in the 1900s. That phrase just has such an old-timey feel to it. Also, I find it really weird that this year a significant portion of incoming freshman will probably have been born in 2000.



Dear you,

I was at a karaoke party last night where we sang Taylor Swift's "22." I suddenly realized that it's been awhile since I've been 22, since I'm 24 now.



Dear young at heart,

Music is the thing that makes me feel old the most consistently. Particularly when I hang out with people younger than me and hear them talk about how "oh this song takes me way back to middle school" and the song they're talking about came out when I was already in college or even on my mission. That makes me feel old. Like realizing that some of my friends are too young to remember the Backstreet Boys' Millenium album or Aaron Carter ever being a thing is just weird.


~Dr. Occam


Dear You,

It has been firmly established by my friends that I am an old man living in a young man's body. I eat oatmeal every morning because them sugary cereals don't give me the nutrients I need, dang it! I have to get around eight hours of sleep every night or else I shut down. Vienna recently made me a playlist of folk music so I could explore some new artists, and all of the stuff I liked best came from older artists like Bob Dylan, John Denver, and Jim Croce.

But, more in the sense of your question, recently I was eating at the Cannon Center because my friend's little sister had a ton of extra dining dollars saved up and she took us out to dinner there. I realized that it had been five years since I was a freshman eating regularly at the Cannon Center, and then I realized that when I was said freshman, all of the kids around me had been in middle school.

Scary stuff, friends.

-Frère Rubik

P.S. Also it doesn't help that I'm really bad at discerning most people's age. Like, a guy moved into my ward last semester and I totally thought he was my age or older. Turns out he was fresh off the mission and was only around 20. That put the ache in my bones, no doubt about it.

posted on 05/21/2017 4:49 p.m.
For what it's worth, this year's incoming freshmen who haven't been on missions will have almost all been born in 1998 or 1999, because school enrollment deadlines are usually in the late summer/early fall (not January). 12ish years ago, around September 2004, today's high school seniors would have been five and starting kindergarten. You've got one more year before feeling truly ancient!