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Question #89719 posted on 05/18/2017 7:47 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

In my branch we aren't allowed sing "Spirit of God" as part of our normal worship services. Is that just here, or is that church policy now?



Dear iel,

Yeah, that's definitely specific to your branch. And it sounds weird, but maybe your leaders feel it's important? I certainly think there's something to be said for trivializing the sacred and powerful if you have it around all the time, so maybe not singing it is an effort to curb that. Or maybe it's sensitive to people in your congregation. 

Then again, it might just be weird. 


posted on 05/19/2017 9:50 a.m.
In the old church choir book, no longer published, there's an arrangement of this song sung at temple dedications. It also includes the Hosanna Anthem. At the top of the page, it says not to sing the Spirit of God except on the most special of occasions. Clearly, this was in reference to this particular, sacred arrangement, but a lot of leaders took it to the next level. This is usually the origin of this policy, which I have encountered in several branches as I've lived my way around the world.