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Question #89819 posted on 06/03/2017 9:32 a.m.

I was thinking about whether I could approach discussion individuals for their recommendation on the issue of in-content references utilizing the MHRA style of referencing?

I've taken a gander at a considerable measure of online assets and even reached the MHRA, however, I can't locate a definitive response to the issue of whether the MHRA suggests in-content preferences. When I've been utilizing Zotero to make references utilizing MHRA referencing, it doesn't create in-content preferences; every reference is introduced as a commentary. http://www.researchomatic.com/mhra-citation-generator/


Dear person,
Do you mean in-text citations? If so, it looks like they are not commonly used, and only in some circumstances. See page 3 of this document. And I agree, I can't make Zotero generate anything that looks like an in-text citation, either.
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