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Question #89865 posted on 06/11/2017 6:44 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Did you go on Trek? What was your experience like?

-Little Brother


Dear youngest,

I went on trek. I was in a family with my best friend and then we had some of the younger youth with us as well. Our Ma and Pa were a little older and they were having a hard time keeping up with us, but we wanted to be the first family to each of our destinations (I'm a tad bit competitive). At first, I thought that I would have made a WONDERFUL pioneer, and then the next day came and things got tough. We experienced rain and some people had to be carried in carts for legitimate medical concerns (i.e. heat exhaustion). 

My experience showed me that my life, in many ways, is not that bad. I have many blessings that I overlook. It also made me more grateful for what the pioneers did.

-Sunday Night Banter


Hey brother,

Yeah. Technically I was thirteen at the time but they let me come with anyways. It was great. I didn't wear sunscreen the entire time and got a sunburn so bad my entire face swelled up and I couldn't see out of my left eye for several days. Good times. I do remember it being a worthwhile experience, though. My Ma and Pa were awesome and looked out for me for the rest of the time we lived in that ward. That meant a lot.

Though my favorite part was when my friend Teddi got attached to the chickens we were supposed to kill for dinner one night and refused to let her group slaughter their chicken. So naturally, she took it in and brought it home with her after Trek. For like a week afterwards, you would occasionally see her leading a chicken around on a leash like a dog. I think she found a farm for it eventually... hopefully an egg farm and not, you know, a poultry farm. But it's the thought that counts, I guess.

-Van Goff