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Question #89866 posted on 06/11/2017 1:14 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are some family games you like to play?

-Little Brother


Dear youngest,

  1. Ten Touch (a family original)
  2. Front yard baseball
  3. Skip-Bo
  4. Wizard
  5. Spikeball

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear LB,

My family used to have a blast playing seal soccer at the community pool: it's just like regular soccer, but in the water, and you have to use your face instead of your feet.




Dear loseph,

We tend to fall back to Scategories, Farkle, Uno, and Group Naps. 


-Auto Surf


Dear Theo,

When my family went on hikes, my siblings and I used to play this really idiotic game on the way down. Basically, we'd see how far we could get down the trail with our eyes closed without tripping or seriously injuring ourselves. If you go faster, you get more points. We... don't do that anymore because it tended to result in injuries. Man, it's amazing I survived through childhood.

Also Monopoly, but someone always ends up flipping the dang board or giving up. I just want to get through a game of Monopoly once, guys. Once.

-Van Goff