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Question #89867 posted on 06/11/2017 6:44 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do you ever let little kids win games just because they are small?

-Little Brother


Dear Long Lost,


The kids I have the most regular contact with are my nieces and nephew, the oldest of which is four. Because of this, the nature of games we play aren't really strictly defined ones anyways; it's more like "Chase The Other People And Tickle Them/Magically Tackle Them To The Ground Despite Them Being Ten Times Bigger" (see where the deliberately letting the kids "win" comes in?) or "Use This Big Person Like They're A Jungle-Gym/Horse" (for a while, one of my nieces exclusively called me "Horsie"). If I wanted to, I could effortlessly outrun all these kids, and none of them would ever have a chance of knocking me down. But that wouldn't be very fun for them, or really for me either.

Kind of a funny story in that line: a couple of weeks ago, I was playing with my four year old niece in her backyard. She was trying to get me with a plastic ball (as in she was trying to accurately throw it to tag me). At first I was lightly jogging away from her, until she commanded that I only walk. So I slowed to a walk. When she was still met with no success, she limited me to standing. I was still able to effectively dodge the ball. She kept on adding handicaps until I had to stand completely still with my back turned to her. After that, she was finally able to get me with the ball. It was really funny and cute to see how proud she was of herself of that.

The delight that little kids get out of succeeding at something is adorable, and definitely worth "losing" a couple of games. Besides, when it's so easy to win at a game and a kid is at a developmental stage where it's literally impossible for them to fairly beat you, I think it's pointless to insist on winning; it kind of defeats the purpose of playing with the kid. 



Dear Ella Vos,

My youngest sister is two. You best believe it.

-Van Goff loves his baby sister more than he loves the pride of winning things


Dear Lil' Bro,

It depends on the kid. If they are just going to give up and get really upset then I'll let them start to win. I rarely go my hardest (unless the kid is REALLY good at the game we are playing). I have this (probably unrealistic) idea in my head that if I play just harder than kids and barely beat them, they will come back better the next time and eventually that will help them develop skills.

Plus, if kids ask me to play hard then I'm going to play hard. So it really depends on the kid.

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear loseph,

I was the littlest, so I'm not sure. I remember playing things like Ping Pong with my older brother and making him play with his non-dominant hand, and on his knees. But I still lost. Not sure if that's a comment on his skill or my lack of it. 

We also sometimes would take the clean laundry and stuff it in our night shifts and play as sumo wrestlers. I'm sure I got knocked down a bunch, but maybe I won for being fiver years younger and thus more resilient?


-Auto Surf