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Question #89902 posted on 06/18/2017 10:20 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have a friend returning to the Church, but he has a hard time reading and comprehending the Book of Mormon because of the older English style and vocabulary. It seems that the study helps available are either meant for small children to just learn the stories, or the mature member who wants a deeper dive. Do you know of any material that just makes the scriptures more comprehensible for someone not familiar with old English scriptural language, yet still wants a grasp of the content?

-To Read or Not to Read


Dear you,

The Book of Mormon Made Easier might be an option, although it's a bit pricey. I'm also a big fan of The Book of Mormon: A Reader's Edition. It sets it up like a more conventional book with paragraphs instead of verses, and there's lots of subheadings, but it doesn't include any detailed study helps.

Other than that, using the seminary study guide and putting an emphasis on just getting something out of it, rather than having a perfect understanding of what you're reading, would be good for now. This is something that will come with time, and gleaning insight however he can will still bless him with revelation and insight.


posted on 06/21/2017 8:43 p.m.
Update: "The Book of Mormon Made Easier" is available at the Orem Costco for $35. Another, less detailed, cheaper option is "The Book of Mormon: A Very Short Introduction" by Terryl Givens, which can be as cheap as $6.15 on Kindle. -Zed