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Question #89913 posted on 06/17/2017 1:56 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What makes you feel connected to other people?

-Honey Lemon


Dear Honey Lemon,

Superglue, usually.

-Frère Facetious


Dear Honey Lemon,

This is something I struggle with, so I've thought a lot about it. Personally, I feel really anxious around people (though I've been told others don't necessarily notice) and automatically assume that the other person dislikes me or that I'm not good enough to be their friend. So it takes a long time (usually months or years) for me to feel connected with someone. I might like or care about them, but I have a hard time trusting that a reciprocating feeling exists.

What makes me feel connected to someone is when I can feel completely safe around them. These are usually family members or close friends that I've known for a long time. Or if they open up around me and trust me with their concerns because then I feel an emotional bond between us.

-Van Goff

PS: You just reminded me how awesome Big Hero 6 was. Thanks for that.


Dear Lulu,

Definitely music. Something that's happened to me a couple of times with various people is that we just spend time sharing different songs with each other, and it is amazing.

In addition to music, I get really excited when other people have read some of the same obscure books I have.



Dear Tea,

When people call me by my name, especially people I've just introduced myself to. It means they have been paying attention to what I have been saying.



Dear moist,

As I've talked about before, humor is really important to me. I'm getting a lot better at finding it outside of tumblr and memes, but because I also feel close to people through physical touch, here's this: 


Also remembering that people are important (and therefore so am I), but knowing that most things I feel and do are not actually between me and other people. 

Take care,

-Auto Surf


Dear Riley,

Taking time to feel what they feel.