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Question #89938 posted on 06/20/2017 2:14 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm considering taking Math 112 during summer term (or at least getting on the waitlist). I haven't taken any math for a while and it would be nice to just get it over with, especially if it's the only class I have over the summer. However, the only professors that teach it over the summer are Grant Steven Molnar and Daniel Meade Adams, neither of which is on ratemyprofessor.com. If I take the class in fall, I'll be taking it from Dorff, who I've heard great things about.

Do any of you know anything about the other two professors? If they're worth taking it from?



Dear Etrog,

Zedability left a flagette saying it's most likely that these people are graduate students, and I definitely agree with her. While I don't know these specific people, chances are that they're pretty good teachers. I have personally never had a grad student teach any of my math classes, but I've had friends who have, and it sounds like they're often better than the actual math professors (who aren't always that great at explaining things) (and this is a conclusion with which Zed agrees). 

If I were you, I'd probably just go the first couple days of class, and then either stay in the class if you like the teacher, or drop it and wait until Fall.



Dear Peaches,

I took MATH 113 from Dorff and what you've heard is right, he's amazing. I took 112 from a grad student and since I don't know either of those teachers and they aren't on ratemyprofessor then it would be fair to assume they are grad students. It was totally fine taking MATH 112 from a grad student. Then again, I took Calculus in high school but it had been like 4 years earlier so the concepts weren't foreign, I just needed some review. I would say most grad students do a pretty good job of teaching that class.

So if you are pretty confident in your math abilities, just do the summer class and then you will get ahead in your program. If you think you'll need some extra help, maybe wait until fall so you can have Dorff. But either way, you should use the Math Lab. Having Dorff doesn't automatically make the class easier but he does have lots of experience teaching people who struggle with math. 


posted on 06/20/2017 5:20 p.m.
Dear Pear,

I thought I was going to have to take Math 112 this summer term (turns out I don't have to HALLELUJAH) so I had been emailing back and forth with Molnar (who is indeed a grad student, as is Adams) a bit and he seemed very nice and very helpful. So I think it'd be worth a shot to do what Anathema said and at least show up to class the first couple days to see what you think. Good luck!