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Question #89949 posted on 06/20/2017 10:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do you know anything about the small origami animals that have been appearing in the library? A few months ago I found a tiny elephant on the supports of the map near the Snack Zone and this morning I saw a tiny paper crane on top of the sign for the elevators near the Atrium on the second floor.

Is it an employee? A random do-gooder? A tiny fairy's paper pets that come to life after midnight? Any info would be appreciated!

-A Curious Origami Finder


Dear Calico,

It's me!!!

(Well, mainly one of my friends, but I have been helping her in her quest to spread light and life through origami elephants; the abstract ones are mine and the more elephant like ones are hers.)

Also, fun fact: this all actually started in the Talmage instead of the library, and while I've only left ones in the library, supposedly my friend has left them all over campus.

-mystery origamist


Dear you,

Contrary to what the mystery origamist says, it is actually President Worthen. It turns out he has a lot more time on his hands than we thought.

-Sunday Night Banter